Monthly Archives: October 2017

Facebook Rolls out ‘Explore Feed’ to Desktop

Facebook’s ‘Explore Feed’ is rolling out globally this week. Previously available on mobile devices in the main navigation, Explore Feed is now available for desktop users. According to TechCrunch, the expansion to desktop was first spotted (at least publicly) by Matt Navarra, who shared a screenshot of the Explore Feed on Twitter: Where do You […]

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Part 2 – Delve Deeper into User Activity with Facebook Analytics

Having explored Facebook Insights in our blog post last month, we now take a look at the advanced and recently updated Facebook Analytics tool. Facebook Analytics has been designed to mine data from a variety of channels, such as iOS, Android, bots, web and offline sources. A free tool, although designed to work with paid […]

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The Decline of Television and Marketing to Millennials

marketing to millennials

A recent study by Omnicom Media Group revealed that 47% of those aged between 22 and 45 watch no content on traditional television. Instead, streaming and mobile platforms are rapidly gaining popularity, with smartphones overtaking television in 2016 as the most-used device among millennials. And among those millennials who do watch traditional television, viewership continues […]

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