Your dental practice is likely one of many in your local area (77 if you live in Brisbane). With rising competition among dentists in Australia, a strong online presence is the best way to make your practice stand out. As a dental marketing agency, Studio Culture provides cutting-edge dentist digital marketing services to clients Australia-wide. We help practitioners get found on Google, make great first impressions with potential clients and develop blossoming relationships with existing ones. So, how can we help you become the leading provider of dental services in your local area?

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Digital Marketing Strategy for Dentists

Before ramping up your dentist digital marketing, you’ll need a strategy. This strategy will depend on your unique circumstances; if you’re a new or existing dental practice, where your practice is located and how quickly you need to grow. It will focus on factors that help influence patients to make a decision such as your reputation, location, services and reviews. Once successes and areas for improvement have been established, we can provide you with a strategy to engage potential clients. This may include:

Dental Marketing Services

Digital marketing for a dental office may involve a single solution or a combination of solutions in what we call integrated digital marketing. We provide various digital marketing solutions that are effective at getting your dental services noticed.

2018 SEO

SEO for Dentists

Search engine optimisation helps your business come up first on Google. This means getting your website in front of people searching for dental practices in your area. For example, 3,600 people search for “dentist Brisbane” every month and 2,900 people search for “dentist Sydney” each month. Good SEO and copywriting can help to get your business on the first page of these search results, and consequently increases the number of people visiting your clinic.

Google Ads for Dental Clinics

In a similar fashion to SEO, Google Ads gets your business to the top of search by paying for an ad spot. This type of dentist digital marketing provides instant results and can help get your clinic noticed for specific services or broader location searches. Depending on your business goals, the ad creative can be altered to help you achieve more website traffic, brand awareness or bookings.

Social Media for Dentists

Developing an organic presence on social media helps your clinic to develop a community, raise awareness and build a trustworthy reputation. We recommend using social media to keep your clients up to date with your day-to-day work and service offerings. It can also draw in new people who haven’t heard about your dental practice. Once people are familiar with your clinic, social media ads are a great way to encourage bookings and enquiries.

Email Marketing and Automation

We understand the difficulties of sending follow-up emails, appointment reminders and 6-month dental rebooking reminders. We offer email automation services to streamline this administration task and encourage customers to come back and also share their experience online. Marketing your dental practice through email reminds your clients of services they’re interested in and keeps your business at the forefront of their mind.

Dental Practice UX Design

Every clinic needs a professional website which clearly represents their business and services. We can tweak your website to maximise the user experience and make sure users can navigate your website effortlessly. This is done by leading web viewers through a process of awareness and education, through to booking in and after-care service.

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Studio Culture, Brisbane-based dental marketing agency, offers tailored dentist digital marketing packages to suit the needs of your specific business. We service clients Australia-wide, yet only one dental practitioner per locality. If you’d like to grow your clinic and thrive online, we’d love to help you out! Get in touch and let’s start a partnership.

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