This week, Facebook has released a new First-Party Cookie, Google Data Studio has come out of beta testing, Snapchat has released an array of e-commerce ad options and Google Plus is shutting down. Find out more below:




Facebook Releases New First-Party Cookie

Facebook follows in the steps of Google and Microsoft, allowing businesses to understand site activity and ad attribution across browsers. The new cookie will enable continued ad targeting, ad measurement and website analytics for traffic from browsers. After October 24, the first-party cookie will become the default for new Pixels.

Google Data Studio Comes Out of Beta Testing

Google’s free reporting and data visualisation platform, Google Data Studio, is now available. Data Studio integrates with Google Analytics, Google Ads, Display & Video 360, Search Ads 360, YouTube Analytics, and more, plus hundreds of non-Google Data sources.  The tool allows you to visualise cross-platform data and insights for easy reporting and analysis.

Google Data Studio is now rolling out.

Snapchat Releases an Array of E-commerce Ad Options

Snapchat is rolling out a number of new e-commerce ad options. Shoppable Snap ads will become available to all advertisers. Advertisers can import catalogues to create ads automatically. And a new advance Snap pixel will allow for specific action tracking. These new and updated features will roll out just in time for the holiday shopping season.

Google+ Shutting Down Following a Data Breach

A software bug discovered in March 2018, gave developers access to the private data of over 500,000 users. Google did not disclose the breach back in March due to fear of ‘regulatory scrutiny’, however, Google claims that there is no evidence of any data being misused. The closure will happen by August 2019, 8 years after the platform was first launched.

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