The Perfect Pair: How Ananda & Portia Can Bring Your Brand Back to Life

Is your brand’s marketing as effective as possible? Chances are, it’s not – and that’s where our marketing audit & strategy process comes in. 

Many businesses arbitrarily decide on their marketing plan and budget without measuring the performance of their past and present marketing activities. This is like the blind leading the blind, and will prevent you from ever excelling in the online sphere. 

For marketing excellence, you need a thorough understanding of your audience and the strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities that come with your brand. Once you have this knowledge, you can set about creating an informed and effective strategy. This is a hefty task for a business to undertake, and self-auditing often lacks the objectivity that is required for the best results. 

If you want a truly objective, comprehensive and professional audit & strategy, we’re here to help. This bespoke service will be 100% tailored for your business. We will examine your brand closely, and identify:

  • The external environment that your brand is operating in
  • The overall health of your brand and your marketing
  • Your goals and objectives, and whether these are being met
  • Your profitability and value
  • Your brand positioning
  • Your current brand/marketing weaknesses and internal/external threats
  • Your brand deficiencies
  • Your opportunities for improvement
  • How you are travelling compared to your competitors
  • New trends and market opportunities
  • The wants and needs of your customers, and whether you are meeting them

Once we have explored these factors, we will come up with a comprehensive strategy that is designed to bring the life back to your brand. Our audit & strategy service will ensure that your marketing is healthy, set the standard for your future marketing decisions and build on the foundations of your success. 

Every brand has a vision of where they want to be – our audit & strategy process will take you there.

The Perfect Audit & Strategy Pair: Ananda Oxford & Portia Vann

Ananda and Portia are the perfect pair to conduct your audit and strategy, thanks to the unique set of skills and experience they bring to the table. 

Ananda is Studio Culture’s Head of Marketing. She has a holistic understanding and approach to branding, marketing and strategy. Having worked for multinational companies including Hilton Hotels, Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, Woolworths, 13CABS, LGIAsuper, Sensis and Samsung, Ananda’s expertise lies in helping brands to transition from old-school marketing to excelling in the digital space. Ananda has an incomparable understanding of client needs, and is an expert when it comes to the ‘big picture’.

Portia, on the other hand, is our expert when it comes to the details. Portia is our office academic – she recently completed her PhD in Digital Media and Marketing, and loves delving deep into what works and why when it comes to online marketing. Taking Ananda’s high-level audit findings on board, Portia will create an extensive and thoroughly-researched strategy for your brand. A strategy that improves on your weaknesses, harnesses your strengths, connects with your audience and outperforms your competition. 

Thanks Hubspot for trusting us as the perfect pair! We love the socks you sent and always enjoy working with your platform.