Introducing Our New Studio Culture Executive Team!

Studio Culture’s new executive team is comprised of Fil Cristaldi, Charlie Dennis and Ananda Oxford, who are all innovative and forward-thinking leaders in the digital marketing industry.

Fil has been running Studio Culture since the company was incorporated in 2011. Even prior to this, Fil was strategising on how to achieve the best results for his clients. As a leading web designer for businesses, he realised that web design was only half of the equation, and many of his clients also needed marketing to be successful in the digital age. Fil has been instrumental in growing Studio Culture into a team of 15 in-house specialists who work closely with local and global companies. Fil will continue to lead the web team, as well as take care of the general management of Studio Culture.

Introducing our new executive team-studio-culture

We would also like to introduce our new Business Development Manager, Charlie Dennis. Charlie previously headed up his own digital business, a Melbourne based creative agency specialising in branding and web design. Charlie brings with him vast knowledge, not only of sales and marketing, but of what it takes to run a cutting-edge business. In his role at Studio Culture, Charlie’s goal is to help our client’s businesses grow and thrive, and he is always available for a chat via email or phone.

The last piece of the leadership puzzle for Studio Culture moving forward is Head of Digital, Ananda Oxford. Ananda has built her career in marketing on the client side, heading up marketing teams and working for large national and multinational companies such as Hilton Hotels, Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, Woolworths, 13CABS (CabCharge), LGIAsuper, Sensis and Samsung. She also ran her own agency which supported Telstra business clients navigating digitally disruptive advertising and marketing landscapes. Ananda has an incomparable understanding of client needs, a skill that we are very lucky to have in our team.

Looking ahead, we are excited about what the future holds for Studio Culture. We are passionate about being goal-driven to achieve outstanding results for our clients.

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