Data is the most essential tool for business growth, but often one that is left uncaptured or unused. Klaviyo provides eCommerce businesses with the ability to store customer information in the same system that delivers experiences to customers. These experiences are buildable and able to be implemented across email and owned channels. The success is measured in revenue as well as opens and clicks, which is vital information required to initiate relevant conversations with your audience. With the help of Studio Culture, a Klaviyo email marketing agency, your business will experience elevated customer relationships and an overall increase in revenue.

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How A Klaviyo Email Marketing Agency Can Transform Your Marketing 

Gain access to information like never before:

Individual customer profiles
Integrations with all major eCommerce platforms
Audience segmentation
Data science to predict future behaviour
Real-time ROI-based reporting
Experiment with new campaigns
Social advertising
SMS campaigns
Store brand colours and templates
Track website behaviour
Extreme email personalisation

Studio Culture uses Klaviyo to create specific, targeted, and impactful email campaigns that see direct returns on investment. When you capitalise on the opportunity to learn everything you can about your customers, you become able to deliver effective, personalised, and relevant messages that see a high rate of success.

Klaviyo Audience Targeting Possibilities

The Klaviyo platform is an exceptionally powerful tool that gathers insights from your eCommerce store to create accurate and well-informed insights that can transform your sales and accelerate your revenue.

Integrations with leading eCommerce platforms such as Amazon, Facebook, Shopify, WooCommerce and more, allow for audiences to be segmented and targeted using data such as their:


Average order value
Acquisition source
Shopping preferences
Purchase frequency
Purchase recovery
Shopping behaviour
Social advertising
Purchase motivation
Shopping cart profile
Browsing behaviours

This data segmentation unlocks limitless potential for the creation of compelling and unique behavioural campaigns. By listening to and learning from your customers, you’re able to create stronger customer relationships at scale.


When you leverage the capabilities of Klaviyo, you’ll experience increased customer loyalty, increased communication opportunities, and increased sales. Don’t waste your time communicating with an audience that refuses to listen, and become a Klaviyo marketer with Studio Culture today.

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We Received a 620% Return on Ad Spend For TermiGold
& We Accelerated Alvey Reels Revenue by 77%


Return on ad spend of 30 day period


Avg month revenue increase (over 6 month period)


Avg increase in new monthly users (over 6 month period)


Bounce rate decrease in the first month


Avg month revenue increase (over 6 month period)


Avg increase in new monthly users (over 6 month period)

A word from our

happy customers

“I found Studio Culture to be the most professional and capable agencies I have had the good fortune to work with. Sound commercial advice and recommendations together with efficient execution and completion. I cannot rate them highly enough.”

Allan Morris – Uppercut Deluxe/Absolute Board Co.

“We have used internal teams and external agencies for our graphic requirements in Australia. While the final product is generally good, what we have struggled with in the past is getting an agency to deliver on the brief from a design and timing perspective. Studio Culture delivered on both fronts and we were extremely pleased with the end result. When they were given creative freedom in some sections they still delivered outstanding and innovative execution which was on brand. I would highly recommend using Studio Culture for all your digital requirements”

Taf Chiwanza – Zomato