Data is the most essential tool for business growth, but often one that is left uncaptured or unused. Klaviyo provides eCommerce businesses with the ability to store customer information in the same system that delivers experiences to customers. These experiences are buildable and able to be implemented across email and owned channels. The success is measured in revenue as well as opens and clicks, which is vital information required to initiate relevant conversations with your audience. With the help of Studio Culture, a Klaviyo email marketing agency, your business will experience elevated customer relationships and an overall increase in revenue.

How A Klaviyo Email Marketing Agency Can Transform Your Marketing 

Gain access to information like never before:

  • Individual customer profiles
  • Integrations with all major eCommerce platforms
  • Audience segmentation
  • Data science to predict future behaviour 
  • Real-time ROI-based reporting
  • Experiment with new campaigns
  • Social advertising
  • SMS campaigns
  • Store brand colours and templates
  • Track website behaviour
  • Extreme email personalisation 

Studio Culture uses Klaviyo to create specific, targeted, and impactful email campaigns that see direct returns on investment. When you capitalise on the opportunity to learn everything you can about your customers, you become able to deliver effective, personalised, and relevant messages that see a high rate of success.

Klaviyo Audience Targeting Possibilities

The Kalviyo platform is an exceptionally powerful tool that gathers insights from your eCommerce store to create accurate and well-informed insights that can transform your sales and accelerate your revenue.

Integrations with leading eCommerce platforms such as Amazon, Facebook, Shopify, WooCommerce and more, allow for audiences to be segmented and targeted using data such as their:

  • Average order value
  • Acquisition source 
  • Shopping preferences
  • Purchase frequency 
  • Purchase recovery
  • Shopping behaviour
  • Purchase motivation
  • Shopping cart profile
  • Browsing behaviours

This data segmentation unlocks limitless potential for the creation of compelling and unique behavioural campaigns. By listening to and learning from your customers, you’re able to create stronger customer relationships at scale.


Measurable results, a transparent process and support from a team with proven successes.

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