Our Services Increased Locatrix’s Page Views by 120.86%

Locatrix is a software innovator that provides online emergency training solutions. Through their products, Locatrix aims to reduce WH&S risk, improve emergency services and minimise the time required to conduct safety training for employees, contractors and visitors.

The Problem

Locatrix approached Studio Culture because their website was old, outdated and not getting results. Through our web design/development and marketing services, Locatrix hoped to increase their brand awareness, boost their customer loyalty and to improve the consistency of their branding.

The Solution

The first step we took was to redefine Locatrix’s branding and establish their branding guidelines. Once this was completed, we set about designing and developing a new Locatrix website – a website that was modern, responsive, mobile-optimised, informative and designed to encourage conversions. We also created an SEO strategy (which involved optimising their website copy) to ensure that the new site ranks well on search engines like Google.