About the SEO Workshop

Our SEO Training Course is designed for anyone who would like an entry-level understanding of the world of SEO and learn some strategies they could instantly use to help a website increase its ability to be discovered on search engines.

We can provide you with the knowledge many agencies use to help companies become more visible to the right customers online. Each of our workshops is tailored to the attendee – thus, we will only train you on topics that are of benefit to you.

Whether you’re a small startup or work for an established corporation, Studio Culture tailors its Beginners SEO Training Courses to meet your specific needs. We cater for groups, as well as individuals.


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SEO training: about your trainers

Our trainers are all highly-trained SEO experts who are constantly up to date with industry changes, allowing us to be on the cutting edge and deliver you insights that are used by agencies in the real world. Each member of our team plays a vital role in the makeup of our business as we endeavour to bring you the most relevant content possible.

SEO Training Course Workshop Topics

Each course will be tailored to the business objectives of each attendee. Here is a rough outline on topics that may be discussed, depending on what is most important for your growth online.

Using keywords to generate more traffic

The words that hide amongst your content and allow users to find you in the big sea of web content out there. Very important, very relevant, always changing.

SEO Titles

The part on your page that tells your audience what it’s all about. Good titles not only affect search results but can get people to actually read your content too…


The words on the page, the pictures, videos and audio bits that tell your story and bring your website to life. Content is your voice, brand and message all in one.

Google Analytics

Learn the basics required to understand who is visiting your website and discover new opportunities to strengthen your visits.


Higher site traffic or greater brand exposure? Content driven engagement or price penetration strategies? What do you as a company want from SEO and where do you want to go? Do you even know?


Writing for an audience or spruiking a company’s latest product sees the blog as a varying tool of multiple uses across digital channels. Learning to harness their use effectively is key in both reaching and understanding your audience.

Link Building

Link building is still an important element in SEO – but are you doing it right? Learn the importance of link building and gain some tips on how to implement an effective link building strategy.

Competitor Analysis

Being as tuned into the competitor’s strategy as much as your own is a vital step in any company’s make up. Learn how to analyse your competitors’ SEO movements and activity and see what they’re doing right – or what they’re doing wrong.

SEO Workshop Giveaways

Your SEO Beginner’s Class comes with an assortment of freebies to complement your experience.

  • Hard and soft take home copies of workshop presentations
  • Reference guides to powerful SEO resources
  • Exclusive SEO Blogging template
  • 2 take-home tasks for further personal and staff development
  • Certificate of completion


Each SEO Training Course is specifically designed to help you with your online needs. Prior to the course, we will contact you to understand your current situation and assess which topics will be most effective for you and/or your employees.

Date: Please contact us to arrange a suitable time.

Length: Approx. 4 hours.

Price: Contact us for a one-one session or for groups of 2 or more.

Location: at Studio Culture
Level 6A 410 Queen Street, Brisbane City, Queensland, 4000

What people are saying about our

Brisbane SEO Workshops

“I’m a marketing professional and had been in a role for the past few years where website management was not my function.  As a result, I found myself behind the eightball when I changed jobs.

It was obvious that now everyone in marketing, not just IT techs, had to have a working knowledge of Search Engine Optimisation to be effective in the digital age.

Studio Culture quickly brought me up to speed with their cutting edge white hat SEO strategies and tactics.”

– Scott Clark, Business Development Manager, Thin Section Australia

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