Do you ever feel that your communication with customers is falling on dead ears? That you’re not getting the desired response if any at all? This is likely because your eCommerce marketing strategy is campaign-centric, rather than customer-centric. To effectively engage your consumers you must understand their specific behavioural patterns before initiating conversation. Studio Culture uses Zaius Australia, a powerful tool that consolidates, comprehends and segments your audience by predicting what they’re likely to do next. This platform simplifies marketing attempts, as you’re informed and knowledgeable enough to adequately target the specific audience that is interested in your offering.

If required, Studio Culture incorporates Zaius’ Customer Data Platform and Customer Relationship Management in our eCommerce marketing strategies to deliver the ultimate in optimised marketing efforts. This productively builds and fosters genuine customer relationships, as well as brand loyalty.

How Zaius Australia can Drastically Reshape Your Business’ Marketing

  • Discern your customer’s preferences
  • Predict your customer’s behaviour
  • Recognise your customer’s likelihood to purchase
  • Recall your customers to a dropped-cart
  • Activate personalised interactions to accelerate communication
  • Test and optimise campaigns effectiveness
  • Optimise multi-channel campaigns

Zaius Australia Data Collection Capabilities

The Zaius platform is an extraordinarily powerful tool that gathers insights from a multitude of platforms to create meticulously accurate and well-informed insights that can transform your sales and accelerate your revenue.

Integrations with leading eCommerce platforms and marketing solutions such as Facebook, Google, Shopify, MailChimp and more, allow for data collection of:

  • Key shopping events
  • Purchase information
  • Website behaviour, and
  • Social media interactions

This data unlocks limitless potential for the creation of compelling unique behavioural campaigns.

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