Want to boost your Facebook page engagement? Bring in more clicks to your business? Generate more sales? Here are our top 10 tips to making a great Facebook post to help you do all of those things and more.


1. Always use photos or videos. 

Photos are far more engaging than plain text, and videos are getting the most shares on Facebook right now. Share a photo of your product being used by a customer (this boosts loyalty too!), or embed a quirky viral video that you want your audience to see. Whatever it is, just make sure it’s relevant to your target audience.

2. Use engaging text, but not too much.

Posts with 250 characters or less are more likely to be read so keep it short and sweet.

3. Link to your website where you can, but not on every post.

You don’t want your page to be seen as spam. You should also shorten links so they don’t bulk up the copy – use sites like bit.ly to help you with this.

4. Ask questions and ask for likes/shares.

For example, “What are your plans for the weekend?” “Like if you’re a chocolate lover, share if you prefer sweets” and “Tag a friend who does this!” are great ways to increase engagement and page views through your audience sharing your post to their News Feed.

5. Hold competitions.

Boost activity by giving away products or gift vouchers using posts that encourage activity, such as “Like/share this to go in the running to win a new iPad!” Offer Facebook-exclusive discount codes to encourage more likes on your page – and let your audience know it’s exclusive. They’ll want to join in on the action!

6. Always reply to comments.

Whether they’re good or bad, comments on your Facebook posts should always be addressed. This will show your customers that you are in tune with their needs and can answer any questions or issues they may have.

7. Stick to a schedule that works for you.

If your posts typically get the most likes and shares at 9am, try to schedule your most important posts at that time. Use trial and error to figure out what your audience likes. Use your Page Insights to evaluate which posts get the most activity at what time and on which days. Take advantage of Facebook’s scheduling options, or use alternative programs like Hootsuite to help you.

8. Know your target market and target them.

Again, keep an eye on your Page Insights when you make posts so you understand what your audience is looking for. Facebook also has options for you to target your posts to specific demographics: set your gender, age, location preferences. You can also choose to pay to promote posts to your target audience if you require an extra boost.

9. Switch up post formats but keep branding consistent.

Don’t just follow a formula and post the same thing every day. Be creative with your posts and think of new ways to engage with your followers, but always remember to keep your brand visible. Whether you do that by adding your company logo to pictures, signing off all posts with your company name, or linking to your website, make sure consumers know who you are every time you post.

10. Use hashtags and mentions to increase engagement.

Facebook hashtags are a great way for users to find your page. Hashtag 1-2 relevant words and tag any other users or companies you mention in your post. This will not only help your post to show up on News Feeds, but will let your audience know that you’re paying attention.

Quick bonus tip: Have fun with it!

After all, Facebook is Facebook and that’s what your followers want to see. Be fun and personable, show a human element to your company. You’ll be bringing in the likes in no time.

Remember, people spend an average of 20-40 minutes per visit on Facebook so take advantage of that time. There are also over 3 million likes going every 60 seconds, so make sure it’s your company that’s standing out from the crowd. For more help with social media and your business, contact us at Studio Culture today.