Monthly Archives: June 2015

Learn Our SEO Secrets With Our New SEO Training Course!

SEO training course Brisbane now at Studio Culture

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is critical to the success of a business. Having the training and understanding of how search engines determine what website appears for specific search terms can help you be the first thing that a user sees when they search for your field, service or product. You would’ve heard of this before, […]

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How Colour Can Save or Kill Your Web Design Strategy

Colours are crucial to the success of your website. The reason for this is quite simple: colours convey emotion in a subtle way. Much more subtle than the directness of words or images. That’s why your knowledge of colour can be an incredibly powerful tool – it allows you to quietly suggest moods for your […]

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Studio Culture Has Moved On… To A Bigger Office!

Hello loyal followers of Studio Culture, we’ve got big news: we’ve moved office! Don’t worry, we haven’t gone far, but we have moved up in the world – up one level, to be exact. Leaving our usual spot, we’ve relocated ourselves to a larger office space on level 5 of the Z1 building at Kelvin […]

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