5 signs that digital has taken over our lives

We are definitely a tech-obsessed society, but the Studio Culture team wanted to explore exactly how much it’s taken over our lives. We found 5 of the most interesting, and potentially disturbing, digital facts out there.

1. There are more mobile phones than people in Australia. For every 1,000 people in the country, we have 1,040.41 mobile phones. This figure doubled in 5 years, and we’re quickly catching up to countries like Italy and Bulgaria, who have over 1,3000 phones for every 1,000 people. What are we doing with all those spare phones?!Number of Australians with mobile phones

2. 75% of us admit to using our phones on the toilet. Gross, but true. In fact, 1/4 of men revealed they often sit on the toilet rather than stand so they have both hands free to text, email, and check their social media. Phone companies have noticed the trend (and the fact that 15% of people have dropped their phones in the toilet) and are now focusing on making waterproof phones a priority.

Mobile phone in toilet usage

3. On average, “iPhone 6” is Google searched 3.3 million times a month, compared to just 49 thousand searches for “Holy Bible”. iPhones have always been a much-Googled subject and it’s interesting to note how much we use technology just to look for more technology. The top 5 most Googled phrases last year were, in order, Nelson Mandela, Paul Walker, iPhone 5s, Cory Monteith, and Harlem Shake. Aside from celebrity deaths, technology and an Internet craze took the top spots for the whole year.

Google searches for iphone 6

4. 94% of businesses use, or plan to use, social networking for employee recruitment. Sites like LinkedIn and Twitter are only growing in popularity, so of course employers are going to use them to scout out future employees. Social networks are not only helpful to gain awareness of employees, but they give a more thorough understanding of what the person is like, rendering them far more popular than traditional job postings. Employees found through social media platforms are actually being employed for longer as well, because of the quality of the online search.

Social media for employment

5. In a year, we spend 3184 hours looking at mobile and television screens, compared to 2372 hours sleeping. That’s right folks, we spend more time looking at our phones and TVs than the backs of our eyelids. It’s definitely safe to say we are all digital obsessives.

Digital marketing: how long we spend on computer and mobile

What do you think? Do you use your phone in the bathroom? What do you Google most often? Have you ever found a job, or hired an employee, through social media? Let us know and be sure to contact us at Studio Culture for any expert digital marketing help in Brisbane.