Wanna up your game in digital marketing? Follow these awesome marketing blogs, people and websites.

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Knowledge may be power, but it’s only powerful when you have access to the right knowledge.

In the world of digital marketing, this is much easier said than done. There’s a tonne of information sources out there – some deserve your following, while others are simply a waste of time. Getting through all these sources and finding out the good ones from the bad takes a lot of time and energy. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a list of some awesome marketing blogs and websites that’ll get you started and instantly boost your digital marketing know-how. These sites have quickly became our favourites, and we think they’ll do the same for you.

The Moz Blog


The Moz Blog, the official blog of Moz (an SEO-consultancy-firm-turned-digital-marketing-giant), is an excellent source for tips, trends, articles, and opinions on anything and everything about digital marketing, especially SEO.



mUmBRELLA is a one-stop source for news and information on Australia’s media, marketing, and entertainment sectors. Highly recommended for keeping up with all the latest news and updates on the industry.

Gary Vaynerchuk

gary-vaynerchuk-marketing blog.jpg

Gary Vaynerchuk is an entrepreneur and social media marketing guru with a proven track record for success online. Checking out his videos, podcasts, and posts on social media and blogs will be well worth your time.



As its name explains, this site provides tips and tricks for CSS and building websites. It’s a goldmine for learning more about web design and staying current with its latest trends.

The Daily Egg


The Daily Egg is the official blog of Crazy Egg, a CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) company that helps analyse user behaviour on your website. This blog is filled with useful information on CRO and other digital marketing topics.

Digital Synopsis


A website covering the world of design and advertising and filled with interesting, funny, and insightful posts. It’s always a good source for creative inspiration and the occasional laugh, especially for those in the industry.

Smashing Magazine


A design-focused online magazine and website that provides insights and opinions on various design trends and principles. It’s especially useful for web designers and developers.



Co.Design is a design-centric website that covers topics on everything from the latest tech gadgets to fashion and retail.

Know any other great marketing blogs and websites that you think we should know about? Leave us your suggestions in the comments and we’ll check it out.