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BIBS Brisbane is probably the rarest of all the digital events in Brisbane. BIBS actually gives back to the Digital Community in a very important way: not only do these events give the opportunity for Brisbane’s topnotch digital community to get together in the one place at the one time to mingle, they also give back without expecting a thing in return – that’s right, no exorbitant cover charges. In fact, the only thing they expect at BIBs is that you enjoy yourself and the mass amounts of FREE beer that flows throughout the night – yup, all night.

Now, I don’t want too sound biased here (as I actually met our current BDM at the last #BIBsEvent who is currently killing it for Studio culture at the moment), but the networking opportunities are second to none. As it’s hosted in a huge venue full of creatives, tech heads, devs of various languages and business owners ranging from start up to corporate, you’ll quickly begin to realise the sheer amount of talent around town. I’ve heard numerous stories of collaboration and positive career moves that have come about by the networking opportunities presented at BIBs events and I am sure I will hear some more at the event next Thursday.

So let me recap: #BIBsBNE is a night of FREE BEER, NO PRESSURE NETWORKING and ATMOSPHERE.  Anyone who has been to a packed stadium or sold out concert knows what I mean about ‘atmosphere’ – it’s the feeling you get when a group of people in one venue all love the one thing. Well, imagine if that ‘thing’ involved all things digital – this night is a celebration for all of the players in the industry who are working hard and are ready to unwind and socialise. Personally, I can’t wait to to catch up, interact and converse with some Digital Brisbane peers in a manner that does’t start with @. I hope to see you.. next Thursday the 26th for a beer and a chat at BIBs!