SEO Term: Inbound Marketing

Whereas the old adages of outbound marketing  (i.e. mail outs, sales calls, direct mail) reigned supreme in times past, with the rise of the digital industry marketers can no longer rely on these tactics to reach their target market. Inbound marketing has risen as the new proven method for customer engagement and focuses around a completely different customer conversion cycle. The cycle starts with the creation of relevant and engaging content, tailored to a specific target market that turns them from visitors, to consumers and eventually promoters of the product or brand.

This ‘inbound methodology’ begins with content creation in the form of blogs, keywords and social publishing’s, which attracts consumers initially. After having consumed the content, consumers are then converted to leads through forms, calls to action and landing pages. This is converted to customers through CRM, email and workflows ending with promotion of the product through surveys, smart content and social monitoring.

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