SEO Term: Link Building

The term ‘link building’ refers to the process of increasing the amount of internal and external sites linking to a webpage. In other words, it means to gather links from other website and be able to link it to your own or to increase the number of pages that link with each other internally in your own website. By building quality links and increasing the amount of reputable sources linking to your website, the more trustworthy and authoritative your website could potentially become.

By building links to (and within) your website, the whole process can allow you to build relationships in your industry, increase your visibility, gain more traffic and build your brand. Following this technique also helps search engines as it helps them discover new web pages and determine how well your page would rank in the search engine results page.

Caution: the links you obtain have to be quality links. Linking from spam websites, or purchasing links, can greatly damage your website’s ranking. Please do not buy link packages!


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