This week, Facebook and Google Ads have seen some big changes. Google Ads has released a controversial new update, and Facebook has renamed Facebook Canvas to Instant Experiences AND announced the ability to share links in stories. Find out more:




Keywords with Same Meaning Included in Google Ads’ Exact Match Targeting

Google Ads has released an update that has had a significant effect on the online marketing world. The Exact Match targeting has been updated and is no longer an exact match due to their new method of keyword targeting.

How does the update work? When someone uses Exact Match targeting, it will now show ads based on the meaning and intent of the search. This has caused a problem for some advertisers, because it means they can no longer target the exact keywords they have chosen. When this happens, Google may automatically target keywords that don’t convert as well, which will cause a decrease in results.

For some, though, this update may be seen as a positive thing. If the extra similar keywords aren’t a problem, the new feature will actually provide a benefit. This is due to the advertiser no longer having to keep extensive lists of similar keywords.

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Facebook Canvas Changed to Instant Experiences

Facebook Canvas has been renamed to Instant Experiences. Instant Experiences exists to add a higher level of aesthetics and function to the Facebook side of your business. These features are added through a series of templates made to enhance the user experience, hence the name ‘Instant Experiences’. The most recently added Instant Experience is Instant Form, which allows users to easily share their information with a business through their Facebook page.

Another feature added to Instant Experiences is that users can now implement a pixel that will track areas of their campaigns. This gives them valuable information about what is and isn’t working in their campaigns.

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Ability to Share Links in Stories Tested by Facebook

An image of the ability to share links in stories has been tweeted by French digital news publication Siècle Digital. The feature is expected to work the same way as stories are shares in the main News Feed. After this image was released, Facebook confirmed that they are testing this ability. Facebook is yet to release any further details.

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