LinkedIn Overhauling Campaign Manager for Easier Advertising Experience

LinkedIn is currently overhauling the campaign creation process, with the goal of making advertising on the platform easier. The company has announced a public beta release of ‘Objective-Based Advertising in Campaign Manager,’ which will set the scene for further changes coming next year.

The overhaul is focussing on providing users with easier navigation, a new forecasting panel, a redesigned targeting experience, a more responsive interface and live ad previews.

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Pinterest Lets Businesses Promote Multiple Products in Single Ads

Pinterest has introduced a new ad format (“Promoted Carousel”) that lets brands promote up to 5 products in a single ad. According to Pinterest representatives, this new format is an effective way to raise brand awareness and reach performance goals like traffic and conversions.

Carousel ads will be displayed in users’ feeds like any other pin, and each slider image with a Carousel advertisement can have its own image, title, description and landing page.

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Google AdSense Policy Changes – New Sites Must Be Verified

Google is changing its AdSense policies – in order to display ads, every new site will need to go through a verification process. This means that AdSense publishers who want to put ads on more that one site will now have to add every individual site to their account. These sites will then go through a 2-part verification process.

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