Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the single best way to boost your website’s presence online. It helps customers find your store and increases your brand awareness in national and international markets. eCommerce SEO ensures that each individual product is optimised so that it can be understood by search engines like Google. By appearing where your customers are searching, you’re more likely to drive quality traffic who are interested in buying your online products. Studio Culture is an eCommerce SEO company who can help you enjoy increased traffic, more sales and greater profit from your online store.

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What is eCommerce SEO?

eCommerce search engine optimisation is more than just making your home page visible in search engine results. It’s the process of optimising each product listing – however many you may have – to show up for product-specific searches. When people search for a specific product, they’re often looking for prices, tips, comparisons and other information. By showing up when people make this search, they can browse your product and make an informed purchase decision.

How Does eCommerce SEO Work?

SEO works by allowing Google to understand your website content. By researching long-tail keywords and using detailed product descriptions, you can effectively drive traffic to your site. This is done by optimising your titles, descriptions, excerpts, URLs and metadata on each dedicated product page. An eCommerce SEO company will do all of this for you, so you can sit back and reap the benefits.

What are the Benefits of eCommerce SEO?

Tailored eCommerce SEO strategies can be greatly beneficial for driving leads, closing sales, building credibility and also creating a strong competitive advantage. Think of it like this, if your business is a furniture retailer, website pages that rank on Google for the term ‘grey lounge’ may be beneficial. However, content that ranks for the term ‘six-seater grey corner lounge’ will be more relevant to a purchase ready consumer. With our proven eCommerce SEO tactics, ready-to-buy customers can be sent directly to your purchase page. These are just a few of the benefits of eCommerce SEO strategies implemented by an eCommerce SEO company.

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Lower Advertising Costs

By increasing your SEO efforts, you can cut costs spent on Google Advertising and organically work your way to the top of search results (and stay there longer).

Drive Brand Awareness

When people land on your product page through Google, they may not know anything about your business. But, just by browsing your website, your business will become familiar to them.

More Remarketing Opportunities

Once shoppers land on your website, you can remarket to them using cookies. The more traffic you get, the bigger your remarketing audience will be (and the more conversions you’ll get).

Create Lasting Value

The more effort you put into your eCommerce SEO now, the more your business will benefit in the future. SEO can elevate your business’ search results performance for months and even years.

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