EntrepreneursLoveMondaysIf you’re an Entrepreneur you know what I mean! We love the start of the week, although most of us never actually take a weekend off, we love the feeling of Mondays as it is a fresh starting point for working on projects that we love doing! While most 9-5 people are complaining about how they hate going to work and can’t wait for the weekend, we’re sitting here saying I wish what I do never ends!

Being a small business myself I understand that I alone can never get everything done how and when I want them to be done so I always seem help from people who are more knowledgable in those areas. I would spend hours learning how to do bookkeeping and keep my account in order, only to find that I could never get them to balance correctly! The day I hired a bookkeeper to manage that was one of the bright moments of my business life. It has freed so much time and effort allowing me to focus on my business and my clients.

The same goes with building websites. There are a lot of tools out there that do help you build a site but is it ever exactly how you want it? Sure it’s either free or really cheap but chances are it’ll look exactly like someone else’s website or won’t be 100% how you wanted it and have taken you weeks to understand the system alone.

We’re here to help. Studio Culture is a Brisbane based website design studio helping small and medium-sized business get online. With many years experience with the online space we have a great understanding of the stress and pressures of running a small business and having an online presence. We are here to share our knowledge of helping other small business get online, give you some tips and tricks as well as manage your website building and maintenance.

Just picture us taking all that weight off your shoulders of building a website!

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