Facebook and Google have both rolled out some changes recently, and these changes could affect the way you run your marketing. AdWords has added new features that advertisers will find handy, and Facebook has announced that 1), it will punish businesses who receive negative customer feedback, and 2), that it is trialling video ads in messenger.


AdWords Adds New Features to Drive Sales & Results

AdWords recently announced new features that are designed to do two things – increase sales and measure results. Included in these features are new innovations for local & general advertisers as well as brick and mortar retailers. Here’s what was announced:

Google Expands Affiliate Locations

Google has announced that it is expanding affiliate location extensions to video campaigns on YouTube. These extensions will help brand manufacturers to drive and measure foot traffic to nearby stores that sell their products. By adding these extensions to TrueView in-stream and bumper ads, Google believes that clickthrough rates can increase by over 15%.

Google Rolls out Local Catalogue Ads

Google is set to roll out new local catalogue ads to all advertisers. These are display ads that will help shoppers discover what is sold in a physical store, which might prompt them to visit the store in person.

New AdWords Price Benchmarks

Google AdWords Has New Features to Help Drive Sales and Measure Results
Image credit: Search Engine Journal

New AdWords price benchmarks will soon be available – they will show shopping advertisers what other retailers are charging for the same products. Advertisers can then use these insights to inform their bidding strategies and to troubleshoot performance drops due to competitors’ prices.

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Facebook to Ban Businesses from Running Ads if They Get Poor Feedback

Image credit: Search Engine Journal

Facebook has put a new feedback system in place, and it could mean businesses being banned from advertising if they don’t maintain acceptable customer satisfaction.

Customers can now send feedback about their shopping experiences to Facebook directly. Customers can rate their experience with a sad,  neutral or happy face, and then a questionnaire will be sent so that the user can provide more information.

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Facebook to Trial Video Ads in Messenger

Facebook recently confirmed that it has now started placing autoplay video ads in Messenger. Stefano Loukakos, the head of Facebook Messenger’s ad business, says that he’s aware that this change could negatively affect the user experience, so it hasn’t yet been determined whether these video ads are here to stay.

These ads will play without sound unless tapped on; however, this could still mean a more intrusive Messenger experience. With the amount of messaging apps available these days, it’s highly possible that these changes could spark users to migrate to another platform.

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