There is absolutely no doubt that Google rules online search in 2018. With competitors continuing to fall by the wayside, the latest Google algorithm update and other improvements intend to tighten the search giant’s stranglehold on the industry.

We explore Google’s most recent progressions, ranging from a broad Google algorithm update to new metrics and the launch of Google Lens.



Broad Core Google Algorithm Update Released

The latest major Google algorithm update was introduced a couple of weeks ago, and they were a bit cagey as to what the update meant for users. The platform stated that some sites may experience ‘drops or gains’, but reassured users that these types of changes are put in place several times a year.

The only detail they divulged was that the ‘…changes to our systems are benefiting pages that were previously under-rewarded.’ From this, we can assume that the Google algorithm update was put in place to better reflect user intent.

If your website suffered a recent rankings hit, you can possibly attribute it to these latest changes. Google provided no specific advice for those who have seen reduced results, other than this …

Hang in there.

New Insights for Click-To-Message Ads in Google AdWords

Google first introduced click-to-message ads in 2016, and users will finally be able to gain measurable insights on their effectiveness. Click-to-message ads allow searchers to interact directly with a business – they’re essentially a text message version of Google’s click-to-call ads. The ads allow users to contact a real representative, not a chatbot.

Until now, businesses had no way of measuring statistics on click-to-message ad use. Google last week announced that three useful metrics are on the way for businesses.

The analytics pertain to chat rate, chat start time and message volume. Businesses will be able to leverage these statistics to target certain regions and decide upon the optimum time of day to engage customers.

The metrics will soon be available for businesses in Australia, Canada, Brazil, France, the UK and United States.

Google Advertisers Will Be Able to Retarget YouTube Users

YouTube users are the latest target for Google advertisers. Users can be targeted based upon recent Google product searches, with relevant ads presented during YouTube videos.

As an example, users searching for the best electric toothbrushes on the market may see ads from major dental brands when they log in to YouTube. Google advertisers simply need to populate a keyword list as part of their video campaign to take advantage of the upcoming changes.

The search platform is referring to the new potential as ‘custom intent audiences’. They suggest using TrueView in conjunction with the above suggestions to really hone in on your audiences through a specific call-to-action.

Google Lens Launches on iOS

iOS users are the first to receive Google’s new object recognition tool, Google Lens. The rollout for the nifty new feature has already begun.

Google Lens is a built-in feature that works with Google Photos. Simply take a photo of objects such as business cards, buildings, landmarks, plants or billboards to get more information on the subject. If the subject includes contact information, Lens will immediately recognise it and allow you to seamlessly save it on your phone.

To try it out for yourself, simply update your iOS Google Photos app to version 3.15. Take a photo of a relevant object, select the photo in question, then tap the Google Lens icon to see the app in action. You can even get immediate book reviews and a plot synopsis of a novel if you take a picture of the cover.

As long as your app remains on, the information you learn will be saved to your Google account.

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