Integrated marketing is the process of creating a unified and seamless brand experience across numerous platforms (including your website, advertisements and social media profiles). This process ensures that consumers understand your marketing messages, and this leads to a greater ROI.

An integrated marketing communications (IMC) campaign will allow you to consolidate your brand, develop and nurture your dialogue with customers and encourage your site/social visitors to move through the sales funnel.


Scully RSV is a family-owned refrigerated truck company, providing a wide range of sales and hire options for large and small businesses. Scully RSV approached us in an effort to boost their sales enquiries and increase brand awareness. Our team decided that a comprehensive digital IMC campaign was the best method to achieve their aims.

Our IMC Campaign INCLUDED:

Building the Scully RSV Profile Through Social Media

An integral early step in our IMC campaign for Scully RSV was building awareness through social media. We sought to expand the Scully audience through interest targeting, lookalike audiences and boosting video views. Once prospective customers viewed the Scully RSV website, we utilised retargeting to keep refrigerated trucks fresh in their minds.

Increasing Brand Visibility Through Search Engine Optimisation

Studio Culture utilised white-hat SEO techniques to make the Scully RSV website more visible to potential searchers. We regularly added SEO-optimised content and landing pages in an effort to build website traffic, on top of email marketing efforts that were focused on reminding customers about the value of the Scully brand.

A New Website and a Streamlined Sales Process

Approximately six months into our successful IMC campaign, it became clear that a new and faster website was necessary for Scully to keep improving online. We began work on a completely new and modern platform that will allow customers to make more informed decisions on refrigerated transport.

We also worked with the Scully team to develop fully-automated Hubspot integration, which allowed us to streamline the sales process and nurture potential and existing customers.


Our Scully RSV IMC campaign is a great example of a holistic approach to digital marketing delivering positive results. By combining a range of tactics including social media strategy, SEO, retargeting and email marketing, we were able to enhance the overall presence of Scully and expose new audiences to the trusted brand.

If you’re looking for accelerated and prolonged success in business, a well-delivered IMC campaign can give you the results you seek. To speak with our experienced team about the feasibility of integrated marketing communication for your business, use the form below.

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happy customers

“I found Joe and Studio Culture to be the most professional and capable agencies I have had the good fortune to work with. Sound commercial advice and recommendations together with efficient execution and completion. I cannot rate them highly enough.”

Allan Morris – Uppercut Deluxe/Absolute Board Co.

“I highly value my working relationship with Joe and the team. I love their enthusiasm for developing networks and further profiling Brisbane as a great place to be doing business. The guys at Studio Culture are generous with their time, and client focus is outstanding. A great group of people to be doing business with.”

Julie Yamamoto – Brisbane City Council

“Studio Culture has been helping us at with our online marketing (SEO, AdWords, and social media advertising) for over a year now and we continue to be impressed by the value they deliver to us. They continue to go above and beyond what we ask of them and are proactive with their ideas and solutions to our company challenges. They have also helped us with our Milton store opening and begin ranking for key terms within a few weeks. Thanks guys!”

Ryan Fisher – Black Jacket Suiting


At Studio Culture, our only job is to help your business succeed. Our agency consists of talented, creative and digitally savvy young professionals who always go above and beyond to please our clients and deliver exceptional results. 

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