Learn. Learn. Learn.

Dear New Intern,

Like the industry itself, an internship in digital marketing often flies by quicker than you would expect. I experienced this myself in my recent internship with Studio Culture, where three months whizzed by like it was just three weeks.

But that’s a good sign. After all, time flies by when you’re having fun, or so the saying goes. Now, I haven’t always found this saying to be true – sometimes, time simply flies by whether you’re having fun or not. But in this internship, I’m happy I did.

I learned many things during my three-month internship at Studio Culture, as I’m sure you will too. Some were technical, some more conceptual. But my favourite lessons – and the ones I think you’ll realise more for yourself – are these following insights about digital marketing, which you’re probably already familiar with but will understand better once you go through the internship.

  1. 1. Good digital marketing is a lot of work.

Whether it’s SEO, web design, or social media, good digital marketing is no cake walk. That witty headline, that clever keyword integration, that user-friendly web design, that engaging social media campaign – these all require more time and effort than most people think. There were times when I racked my brain for hours just trying to come up with a perfect line of copy. There was even a week or two when I got sick of a one simple phrase because I used it again and again as a keyword phrase for a client. But that’s all part of the process, and you’ll learn to deal with it the more you do it.

As a content writer, there will be times when the words flow easily and the content will practically come by itself. Enjoy times like these because on most other days, it’s just good old gritty work and grinding to get something to be as good as you can make it. And that’s the way it should be, because good work is never easy, no matter how easy the end product may seem.


Committing technological blasphemy mixing Mac and Windows.

  1. 2. Flexibility is key.

Working in a creative agency, you’ll quickly learn that if there’s one quality you need to succeed, it’s flexibility. During my three months with Studio Culture, I worked on content for five different clients in a variety of industries. These included a solar power company, an education provider, a fitness studio, a rug store, and Studio Culture itself. Each required a particular voice and approach, and the ability to switch between clients – deadlines for clients often overlapped – proved to be invaluable.

You’ll also need flexibility when dealing with this industry’s client-agency dynamic. Unlike corporate or more formal settings, nothing is often ever set in stone (apart from defined contractual agreements) in the industry we work in. So when a client makes (yet) another request, or when timelines have to be adjusted yet again, you’ll find that the ability to adapt and compromise are what will keep you from going insane on the job.

  1. 3. Who you work with makes a difference.

It’s sounds cliche, but the people you work with really make a difference to the quality of work you’ll produce. And not only because of the fact that these are the people you’ll spend 8 hours (or more) per day throughout the week, but also because digital marketing is collaborative in nature. Fortunately for you, you’ll find the people at Studio Culture to be fun and very easy to work with. They’ll help keep your creative juices flowing if you do your part, and you’ll find yourself fortunate to be around such an easy-going yet professional group of people.


Those gummies in the left tumbler were the best..

Some other tips and info you may find helpful:

  • Use a good mouse and keyboard – after weeks of constantly typing and browsing the web, your hands will thank you for it.
  • An ergonomic chair DOES make a difference – No kidding! After sitting in front of your computer the whole day, you’ll feel the difference.
  • Studio Culture has an unlimited stash of sweets and goodies – a blessing and a curse…well, at least if you have a sweet tooth.

Good luck and enjoy your internship!