In this week’s marketing tips, Joe Fox discusses digital marketing tips for gym franchise owners. More specifically, he outlines the importance of ‘social proof’ (in the form of customer reviews and testimonials) and thinking/targeting locally. Watch the video below to find out more:

These episodes are designed to help your business learn to use creativity, data collection, data analysis and targeted ads to create ROI. Stay tuned for episode 4!

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Video Transcript [edited]

“All right, hello YouTube. My name is Joe Fox and I’m the business development director at Studio Culture, which is a full-service creative and strategic digital marketing agency. What we truly focus on is being able to use creativity in the mix with data collection, data analysis and targeted advertising to be able to create ROI for our clients.

When we’re not reading memes, sitting on beanbags, putting golf balls around the office or throwing balls at each other’s heads, what we really like to do is delve into facts and tips about social media. Today, I’m going to very specifically be adding value and giving tips to gym franchise owners.

Now, one thing we’ve found from working with companies such as Snap Fitness and Orangetheory Fitness is that a lot of people respond very well to reviews. Nothing is going to sell your product better than social proof, and social proof on social media comes in the forms of reviews and testimonials. Now, reviews can be done in a number of ways. Often, they’re organic, where one of your clientele posts on your Facebook wall and says, “Hey, guys. Thank you so much for this. Love what you’ve been able to do.” How can you improve on that? Ask them to add a transformation pic. There’s a lot of people out there who might be a bit hesitant and say “Oh, I don’t really want to put these pictures of myself up there. I’m not really happy with the before pic.” But if you’ve done your job properly, then the after pic should look amazing. Everyone likes a little extra pat on the back for the hard work they’ve been putting in at the gym.

Now, on Facebook, the more reviews that you have, the better it looks. Social proof is huge on social media, so it’s important for you to be able to get those reviews. It’s not a very good technique to say “Hey, we’ll trade this for a review,” but there’s nothing wrong with asking your repeat customers to leave a Facebook review. I would also ask them to leave a review on Google My Business. Google My Business ranks extremely well.

Because you’re a local business and a franchise owner, you’ve got to think local. Think about who your target market is. No one’s going to want to travel further than 10 minutes to work out. We know that for a fact. We know that from all the data we’ve pulled for the last three years working with clients in the fitness industry. No one wants to travel more than 10 minutes to be able to get to the gym and get their workout in. So make sure you’re thinking locally.

Following on from that is target locally. Install a Facebook conversion pixel on your website page and your registration page so that you can remarket to people through Facebook advertising. Target local. Target people who are predominantly interested in health and those sorts of things. Because that’s going to be an easy, low flying fruit. Target people based on their postcode. You can do that through Facebook advertising and tie that into your Instagram advertising.

Think local, think smart, and think positive reviews.

Thanks, guys. Joe Fox, Studio Culture. Tune in and I’ll talk to you soon.”

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