We Increased Elite’s Website Transactions by 25% – We Can Do the Same for You


The Problem

Elite Fitness (one of Australia’s leading providers of home and commercial fitness equipment) approached Studio Culture because they needed to refresh their website and their general marketing.

Elite’s old website was slow, cluttered and out of date, and this was causing a very high bounce rate (30%) and encouraging abandoned carts. Elite Fitness had a wide range of great products, but their website didn’t display these products effectively (the images and text were lacklustre), and many products simply weren’t on the website at all.

Because of their ineffective website, Elite Fitness weren’t attracting enough customers or making enough sales. And that’s where our team came in. 

The Solution

The first step was to create a new website for Elite. This new website was built with the user in mind – it was highly visual, clear and concise in terms of copy and easy to navigate. We added more than 100 new products to the site, and ensured that every product listing was compelling and informative. 

In order to drive as much traffic as possible to the new website, we used paid social media and Google Ads campaigns that targeted new and existing audiences. This helped to raise awareness about the new site and the great products that Elite Fitness provide. These paid advertisements used branded content that helped to cement a clear ‘Elite Fitness’ brand image. We also used user-generated content and product spotlight posts to promote their range.

The Results

Our marketing efforts got Elite Fitness a range of great results. Comparing their first month of the website launch to the second month of the website launch, Elite experienced fantastic results including:

  • 18% increase in conversion rate
  • 25% Increase in transactions
  • 14% increase in Unique Pageviews