Targeted Release Probiotics!

10,000 Times Stronger!

Perkii is a company that produces probiotic drinks that are healthy, tasty, and beneficial for the immune and digestive systems. They use a world-first technology that encapsulates over one billion probiotics in microgel beads, which protect them from stomach acid and release them in the gut. However, they faced some challenges in creating brand awareness, differentiating themselves from competitors, and reaching their target audience online. To overcome these challenges, they decided to implement a digital marketing strategy that involved using Google ads and Facebook ads to promote their products, educate their customers, and drive traffic to their website.

In-store and Online

By using digital marketing, Perkii was able to reach more potential customers, increase their online traffic and conversions, and drive more foot traffic and sales to their retail outlets.


(Over a 3 month period)


Increase Traffic


Increase CTR


Increase in Revenue

OH… DID WE MENTION The drinks also taste amazing!

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