All of us want value for money, and it can be frustrating when we don’t get it. Facebook lead ads can be a fantastic social marketing tool, but only if you strategically plan out your campaign and track every step of the process.

These 5 tips for uncovering quality leads through Facebook will set you on the right path to social media marketing success.

Monitor the Entire Sales Process

You need to think holistically to get the most out of your Facebook lead ads. By looking at the bigger picture, you are able to identify weaknesses in your entire sales process. If any aspect of your sales funnel is unsatisfactory from a user perspective, you’ll lose potential conversions along the way.

It’s important to stay objective when thinking about Facebook lead ads. Try and detach yourself emotionally from your business to work out if the value proposition you are offering is truly appealing.

Tweak and Track Your Targeting Efforts

If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again. Thankfully, Facebook provides detailed tracking tools that allow you to see potential improvements and where exactly you’re going wrong.

One tweaking tactic that often pays dividends is adding qualifiers – structuring the provided fields by asking for something specific such as a preferred budget can result in higher quality leads.

Ensure Your Facebook Lead Ads Ask the Right Questions

One question too many or an information request that makes users feel uncomfortable can seriously damage your conversion rates. Think about the information that you would feel comfortable in supplying before asking others to do the same.

Facebook themselves have provided some handy custom questions you can use, depending on the industry you’re targeting and the end goal you have in mind.

Make Use of Context Cards

Context cards are a great way to provide more detail and improve the perception of your lead ads. For those who don’t know, context cards are an additional page that shows up after clicking on a lead ad, but before a signup page appears.

The specifications you see on a context card are different to the original lead ad – you can add additional text that explains the benefits of signing up, write a different headline up to a max of 45 characters and customise your call-to-action button with up to 30 characters.

Consumers want to know as much as possible about the legitimacy of your business before signing up, and context cards are an effective way to alleviate such fears.

Use Lookalike Audience to Find New Customers

Lookalike Audience is a useful Facebook feature that allows you to target people who are likely to be interested in your business, based on their similarity to your existing customers.

To take advantage of the feature you’ll need to choose a source audience, provide your pixel data and mobile app data to allow Facebook to find lookalikes. The feature is customisable depending on your intention, and can be a helpful way to uncover new customers based on previous habits and demographic data.

Targeted Facebook Campaigns from Studio Culture

It’s worth remembering that low-quality leads can still be nurtured into a legitimate win for your company. Email marketing and other avenues can salvage all of the work that you’ve put in up to this point.

Low-quality results from Facebook lead ad campaigns are one of the 15 Common Marketing Problems we’ve covered in our comprehensive ebook! You can download the ebook for free through the Studio Culture homepage.

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