There have been some recent changes within the business side of Instagram, Facebook and Google. Instagram will be introducing its own shopping app (a new platform to run your e-commerce business), Facebook Ads has changed its metrics and Google is implementing a new function that will allow you to see the strength of your ads.



Instagram Is Building Its Own Shopping App

IG Shopping

Within the coming months, you may see a new player in the online shopping field: Instagram. According to recent reports, Instagram has been developing a new app that will be used primarily for shopping. This app is expected to be called IG Shopping.

Users will have the ability to see products from brands they already follow on Instagram, and they will be able to make purchases directly through the app. Although Instagram does currently provide a shopping experience, it is very indirect. Businesses can sell products on Instagram, but they must go through a link to an external website. This means that users have to create an account for each website they buy from. IG Shopping will streamline this process by allowing consumers to make all their Instagram purchases from one account. According to Facebook’s most recent earnings call, four out of five users follow at least one business account. So, IG Shopping is likely to lead to a higher conversion rate for businesses that use Instagram.

So far, Instagram has refused to comment on the development of IG Shopping app, and the launch date is unknown. Tech site The Verge does claim to have two sources about the app though.

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Facebook Ad Metrics Updated to Merge Web, App, and Offline Purchase Data

Facebook metrics update

Facebook’s Advertising metrics have been updated to provide a more comprehensive representation of customer interaction with their business. What’s changed? Data that used to be reported in the Cost per Website Purchase, Cost per Mobile App Purchase and Cost per Offline Purchase metrics is now being combined into just one Cost per Purchase metric.

The reason for this change is that customers have interactions with businesses on different channels and platforms. This means it is important to evaluate business performance holistically, in a manner that accounts for all the customer interaction with the business. Along with this change, the Customize Column Selector in Facebook Ads Manager has been redesigned to consolidate mobile, website and offline metrics.

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New ‘Ad Strength’ Indicator Allows Google to Measure Ad Effectiveness

Google Ad Strength

Google has introduced a new tool that will help advertisers to measure the effectiveness of their ads. This tool is in the form of a strength indicator, which measures responsive search and display ads. These ads are then rated ranging from “Poor” to “Excellent”. The strength is measured by an analysis of the relevance, quantity, and diversity of the ad copy. Additionally, actionable feedback is provided by Google on which areas of the ad need to be improved.

To help prepare advertisers for the rollout of the Ad strength update, Google provided some advice for responsive search ads and responsive display ads:

Ad Strength will be rolled out in stages. Through September and October, Ad Strength will appear for responsive search ads. Ad Strength will also have its own column in the Google ads interface, starting from early September. For responsive display ads, Ad Strength will not be available for several months.

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