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“My company has a lot of followers on Facebook, but no one is commenting, liking or sharing my Facebook page posts. What’s the deal, and what can my company do about it?”

For many businesses, Facebook just isn’t the magical marketing tool it used to be – at least if you don’t want to spend money on advertising, anyway. With Facebook now encouraging Facebook business page owners to pay for people to see their posts (on top of the fact that Facebook is now a highly competitive, saturated platform), it’s becoming more and more difficult for unpaid, or “organic” posts to get engagement on Facebook.

A study by Ogilvy found that Facebook business page posts only reach about 2% of their followers.

social media brisbane - organic reach research by OgilvyWith this in mind, what can companies do to increase their engagement?

Neil Patel of Quicksprout helped create a fantastic infographic (displayed below) that summarises a number of great points that help increase organic engagements.

We have also summarised the points for you right below (and have added a few of our own).

Social media marketing: how to get more Facebook fans to like or comment on your posts

Summary of infographic:

  • Focus on the metrics that matter: rather than looking at reach, focus on other factors such as traffic and sales from Facebook
  • Be open: show original, behind-the-scenes photos of what goes on inside the company or of the team
  • Be accessible: let your fans interact with you
  • Be positive: let your customers have a pleasant and enjoyable experience
  • Post at non-peak times: share posts when your competition isn’t
  • Engage the community with questions: get your followers to interact with you
  • Share self-explanatory photos: digestible content such as infographics and pictographics

Some extra Facebook tips from Studio Culture:

  • Continuously test: always analyse and improve on what works
  • Host promotions that encourage likes, comments and shares: we have seen promotional posts gain generally higher engagement rates
  • SEO optimise your Facebook page: are you using the right keywords in your profile info? Is your page set up correctly?
  • Create unique content: don’t always share content from other websites
  • Do what your competition isn’t doing: don’t settle for standard posts. Be creative, brave and different
  • Encourage reviews: more positive reviews means higher social proof
  • Consider a different platform: it may be more worthwhile and cost-effective to target an emerging social media platform.


How to Improve Your Facebook’s Organic Reach
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

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