New partnership in Studio Culture: website design and digital marketing BrisbaneThe Studio Culture team would like to give a warm welcome to David Bobis.

As part of our rapid growth in website design and digital marketing, we are strengthening our already robust SEO efforts to provide an even stronger service to all of our clients.


That’s why David Bobis, of Charisma Works, a search engine optimisation specialist company based in Brisbane, is partnering with us at Studio Culture as a full time Search and Communications Director.

He has provided SEO services for us in the past, but David’s now joining us for a more hands-on, full-time role.

Exciting news!

David has experience in marketing for brands such as Lenard’s, Global Yellow Pages in Singapore and Mercedes-Benz. He’s bringing with him clients from retail, health and fitness, energy and travel industries, too.

Fil Cristaldi, Design and Development Director, and Joe Fox, Marketing and Accounts Director, are both excited to have David join the Studio Culture team and add to their already expansive wealth of knowledge. “David has helped us in the past and we are sure his stellar results will continue to both Studio Culture and our clients well into the future,” says Joe. “This new partnership will help provide a stronger, more comprehensive service to our growing client base,” adds Fil.

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