Thinking about converting to a digital marketing strategy? Here are a few reasons why that’s definitely a good idea.

Interesting content brings engagement with consumers which in turn brings brand loyalty, purchases, and revenue.


Digital marketing allows for complete customization of content that typically costs 62% less than traditional forms of marketing, but produces 3x more purchases.

This is because consumer loyalty is so easily built up online. Businesses now have the chance to humanize themselves and fully engage with their audiences. It allows for marketers to act in real-time using feedback and two way conversations.

The reason for such loyalty is that online information can be easily targeted to the desired and relevant market. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter allow for businesses to pick and choose who their messages should be delivered to, a benefit that traditional print medias do not possess.

E-mails and videos are two online factors in particular proven to be very effective and in demand right now.

On average, consumers spend 82% more if they receive e-mails from a company. Almost 70% of all emails are opened on mobile devices and therefore mobile and social media app strategies are crucial. It has also been seen that ¼ of all customers use mobile coupons to redeem offers sent to them from companies they subscribe to.

The “shareability” factor of videos is also huge in marketing. Viral videos are great ways to spread a message to a mass audience, free of charge. Some great recent examples are “The Game Before The Game” ad for Beats by Dre featuring star soccer players and celebrities, and the “Girls Don’t Poop” ad for Poo Pourri. Then of course there’s the classic “Dumb Ways To Die” PSA for train safety.

Companies who implement digital strategies also have 2.8x growth expectancy and 3.3x higher chances of expanding the workforce. Going online is not only good for performance, but for growth as well.

So what are you waiting for? Get digital. For any social media or digital marketing help, contact us at Studio Culture today.