Hot cross buns and chocolate eggs are filling the shelves at your local supermarket, so that must mean that Easter is approaching. While Easter isn’t for everyone, businesses can effectively capitalise on the holiday cheer with a few simple measures.

These 5 Easter marketing ideas can help drive sales and showcase the personality of your brand.

Decorate the Company Website

Dressing up your company website with an Easter theme demonstrates that your services are up-to-date and you are prepared for the Easter long weekend. Some simple Easter embellishments and a clear display of Easter opening hours or services can encourage users to engage with your business.

Use Social Media to Drive Promotions

There is no doubt that social media is an excellent platform for engaging your target audience, and businesses rely heavily on Facebook for promotion in holiday season. Most nine to fivers have four days off over Easter, and social media usage increases as a result.

For best results, prepare your Easter content early and spread it out over the course of the long weekend. You can engage your clients with anything from themed social media competitions, to sharing of viral Easter content that pertains to your business. You can even film a surprise Easter egg hunt for your employees – there will be just as much excitement as you’re likely to see from kids on Easter Sunday.

Businesses with a shopfront can utilise social media to encourage people to visit around Easter.

British supermarket chain Tesco had success with their #FindTheEggs campaign, an online Easter egg hunt that cleverly integrated Google Street View to drive promotion.

Users simply had to enter their postcode to search for virtual Easter eggs in their local area. Upon finding three eggs, users won a free chocolate bunny that they could pick up instore. The promotion appealed to children and adults alike, was free to take part in and encouraged foot traffic to Tesco’s branches across the United Kingdom.  

Create Themed Email Marketing

Email marketing works. If you’re after a strong return on relatively little outlay, consider a themed campaign or special offers available for the Easter long weekend only. It is especially important to reward long-term users who have stuck around throughout your brand journey – offering a special Easter gift or short-term discount to loyal customers can be a great way to build brand satisfaction.

This simple campaign from Care.com is a good example of a strong call to action that encourages new customers based on a limited time, seasonal offer.

If your business has a shopfront, your email marketing content can also remind customers of your opening hours during the Easter break.

Do Some Seasonal Keyword Research

Google AdWords and PPC users can tap into the potential of Easter by researching often used keywords and adding them to their campaigns. If it is relevant to your brand, you can certainly take advantage of searches related to Easter egg hunts and Easter activities.

You can even start a specific Easter campaign that commences a fortnight before Easter, and stops immediately after the long weekend. This allows users to switch back to their regular campaign with minimal fuss.

Get Creative

Easter marketing ideas can get a little derivative at times – there are only so many times you can read the word ‘eggscelent’ without cringing. Whatever platform you use to deliver Easter content, remember that your users are likely to have seen it all before.

That doesn’t mean you can’t have fun though. It’s a time to be enjoyed, and doesn’t come with the added stress that Christmas brings. Keep your content light and fun, like this.

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