Studio-culture logo

Behind the Scenes

You may have noticed that we’ve been a little bit quiet on social media and our blog lately, and it’s for good reason! Behind the scenes, our team has been hard at work developing a fresh Studio Culture brand, which we were able to launch earlier this month.

Culture as a Value

At the core of Studio Culture is, and has always been, our fundamental values of creativity, learning, collaboration and happiness. So, we made the decision to modernise our branding with a new, adaptable design that aligns with our workplace personality.

Our founder, Fil, led Studio Culture to life in 2011 after a short-lived experience working for a London design agency. Throughout his two years in the agency, Fil witnessed the burden of an uncultured workplace where team members were isolated from one another regardless of their ‘team’ approach to design. This experience motivated Fil to build a business that valued culture, relationships and most importantly, it’s people.

Even before Studio Culture was mapped out, Fil knew his primary objective was to create a fun and collaborative workplace culture that made people happy. And while processes, platforms and people have evolved over the years, our lively culture has remained a constant over the past nine years of Studio Culture’s operations.

Inspiration Behind the Design

Giving Studio Culture a bit of a facelift had been in consideration for the latter half of last year when our designer, April, had a realisation. A sudden burst of inspiration, in her words, just “hit (her) in the face,” (metaphorically, not literally!) and encouraged her to become the driving force behind our logo rebrand.

April’s design inspiration came from noticing the common curve or “U” shape that makes up both the S & C in Studio Culture’s initials. This “U” shape is what forms the two semi-circles you see in our refreshed logo design. April stripped this shape right back to the basics, updated our brand colours and brought in a tertiary colour to give us greater adaptability for the future.

As a team, we had also been discussing what we wanted for the future of Studio Culture. A common theme was unrestricted. We want to be unrestricted when we cut through the crowd and deliver on creativity and innovation, while always working collaboratively with each other and our clients. So in that sense, the “U” represents where we are going, while remaining true to what we have always been about.

Our fresh new brand is just one of the many exciting new things in the works for 2020 and we can’t wait for the year ahead! We hope you’ll all be there on the ride with us.