Visual content is king these days, and there’s a reason for it. We’re automatically drawn to interesting images and videos rather than boring chunks of text. If you’re not convinced yet, here are Studio Culture’s top 5 reasons why your brand needs to be visual to be successful in the digital marketing world.



1. Blog articles with images get 94% more views than those without. Think about the last time you were looking through blogs. What enticed you to click “read more” and not scroll on by? It was probably interesting graphics and pictures as well as a catchy headline. We’re a visual bunch; we’ll always pick pictures over text. Keep that in mind when you’re blogging – and we’ll have a post up about blogging soon so watch out for it!

2. Visual data is processed 60,000 times faster than text. Our brains naturally read visual data much faster than text. If you want to grab your reader’s attention, do it visually! That will entice them to go further and work through the bulk of your message.

3. Companies that use infographics grow in traffic 12% more than those that don’t. Infographics are becoming more and more popular because they are so shareable and look great on social media. There are now multiple sites that feature great infographics which helps to drive traffic to the original content creator’s site. Daily Infographic, Cool Infographics, and Visual.Ly are just some examples of leading sites to give you some graphic inspiration or get your own content featured to promote your brand.

4. 46.1% of people say a website’s design is the number one criterion for discerning the credibility of the company. And in fact, you only have 0.3 seconds to make that first impression, so make it a good one! A well designed website with visually pleasing graphics and imagery automatically connects more to the audience than a poorly designed, heavily text-based site.

5. And of course, visual = sharable. All of these facts mean that people love visual information, and people will share what they love with their friends, families, and followers, bringing your business more brand awareness, more clicks, and more sales. Perfect!

For help with website design, visual content, and digital marketing contact us at Studio Culture. We’re an expert team and would love to help your brand go visual!

All icons are made by Freepik from www.flaticon.com and are licensed under CC BY 3.0.