beauty and the beast
Official Beauty and the Beast poster

According to media-measurement firm ComScore, Disney’s latest Beauty and the Beast Movie generated nearly 130,000 new online conversations last week. According to the official Beauty and the Beast Twitter, the film is currently number one in the world.

We don’t doubt that most of this success is due to the marketing efforts behind the release of the film. Marketing efforts that highlight the importance of making the most of every marketing opportunity (online and offline) and connecting with your audience. Here are some tips you can take away from Beauty and the Beast’s marketing campaign tactics, even if you may not have a Disney-sized budget:

Harness the online space

Beauty and the beast twitter stickers

The film has a website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, which are all tied together with the clever hashtag #beourguest. On Valentine’s Day, the official Beauty and the Beast Twitter account rewarded users who used the hashtag with real life Beauty and the Beast rose deliveries and a Q&A with Luke Evans (who plays Gaston).

Disney has also launched an interactive ad campaign on Spotify. Users of Spotify’s free tier see video ads directing them to a Beauty and the Beast Castle hub, which then links users to a room in the castle that is based upon their listening tastes. Each room in the castle, be it the Rose Room, the Ballroom, Belle’s Bedroom, the Beast’s Bedroom, the Dining Room, the Library or the Dungeon, is accompanied by a bespoke playlist, exclusive on-set interviews and photography from the film.

Beauty and the beast iMessage stickers

Beauty and the Beast marketers have also made the most of new technologies by creating exclusive stickers that Twitter and iMessage users can add to their photos.

Beauty and the Beast has also been making headlines this week after reports surfaced that Google’s intelligent voice assistant device Google Home had delivered what seemed to be an unsolicited Beauty and the Beast advertisement to users. This occurrence – despite annoying Google Home users – is being heralded as a representation of the future of paid voice search.

How to harness the online space for your business

  • Think of a unifying campaign theme such as #beourguest that you can synergise with all platforms
  • Think outside of the usual social media solutions such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. Have a look at other platforms such as Spotify.
  • Experiment, experiment, experiment

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Don’t neglect offline marketing

beauty and the beast offline marketing
Image credit: Disney Store

As well as online marketing efforts, the marketers are also making the most of offline marketing avenues, including selling Beauty and the Beast themed clothing and accessories (including fine china sets and the iconographic encased rose) in stores. There are also numerous posters for the film (we’re sure you’ve seen them around town), which engage viewers, promote brand awareness and generate excitement. Beauty and the Beast marketers also harnessed the power of television with a number of extended TV spots including trailers and even a special edition of ‘The Bachelor’ (U.S), which was hosted by stars of the film.

How to make the most of offline marketing

Although the digital world has taken over, offline marketing is still effective. Consider implementing some of the following for your business:

  • Street advertisements
  • Free giveaways
  • Flyers
  • Press releases in newspapers and magazines
  • Guerrilla marketing
  • PR

For more information about which offline tactics will work best for your business, please contact us.

Cross promotion

beauty and the beast cross promotion
Image credit: Neutrogena

Numerous brands made the most of the hype surrounding Beauty and the Beast by marketing their own film-inspired products and services. Cross promotion is an effective marketing technique because increases sales for one brand while spreading awareness about another. Examples of these brands include:

  • Gelish and Morgan Taylor – The nail polish companies released a movie-themed collection of hues
  • HomeAway – Hosted a sweepstake offering customers the chance to say at Duns Castle with 20 guests
  • HSN – Offered a collection of apparel and home goods inspired by the movie
  • Kohl’s – Offered exclusive items and merchandise
  • Le Creuset – Created a selection of movie-themed cookware
  • Luxe Bloom – Was the “official flower” of the movie
  • Williams Sonoma – Offered tips on how to throw a movie-themed party
  • Twinning – Put some of their tea flavours in movie-branded packaging
  • Neutrogena – Offered tips on how to get Belle’s look and put products in movie-branded packages

How to cross promote your business

Even small businesses can reap the benefits of cross promotions. For example, consider partnering with Instagram accounts (of similar followings to yours) and doing shoutouts for each other. You can also form strategic partnerships with related businesses (if you’re a shoe store, for example, you can ask your neighbourhood shirt store to send their mailing list some information on your shoes, and in return you can do the same).  

Have a great product/service

Before you start your marketing, you need to make sure that you have a great product or service (or in this case, film) that audiences will love. Beauty and the Beast has some great indicators for success, including:

  • An engaging story
  • The fact that it’s a reimagining of a well-loved movie that is proven to be well-received by audiences
  • A fantastic and relevant cast including Emma Watson, who is an outspoken feminist and role model for young women across the world
  • A widespread marketing campaign and plenty of market research to back it up

How to make sure you have a great product or service

Think about your own indicators for success. Does your product or service fill a need? Does it fill this need better than other brands can? If so, you have a great product or service. Once you understand your customers and are sure that they need whatever you have to offer, it’s easy to market your brand effectively.

Use the nostalgia factor

beauty and the beast nostalgia
Image credit: Film School Rejects

Consumers are drawn to brands that make them feel nostalgic. And Disney is the champion of childhood memories. Aligning marketing strategies with emotions has been proven to be successful, and tapping into fond memories can also be an invaluable tactic.

Beauty and the beast twitterWhen we feel nostalgic or emotional towards something, we are more likely to take action and love whatever it is that’s on offer. The original Beauty and the Beast animated film was released in 1991, and most millennials have very fond memories of watching the film as a child.

Beauty and the beast twitter

For more information about using nostalgia to market to millennials, check out why nostalgia marketing works so well with millennials.

How to use nostalgia in your marketing

If you’d like to use the nostalgia factor in your marketing efforts, you need to know your audience really well. You need to know what they care about, what their childhoods were like, and what you can do to make them happily reflect on their past. For example, if your target market grew up in the 80s, you could try putting a humorous 80s spin on all of your advertising imagery. See examples of effective nostalgia marketing.  


For more information about the marketing tactics above or how your business can use them to attract customers, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

The live-action re-telling of the animated Disney classic hits Australian cinemas on Thursday. We’ve got to admit… their marketing efforts have us pretty convinced. See you at the cinema?!

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