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Wow, what a start to 2014! I’m sure other business owners can understand what I mean when I say it feels like everyone has kicked it up a notch this year.

I feel this year and not without reason will be the year SMEs and large businesses start to see a major increase in consumer spend. I don’t just limit this to retail spend I feel like services spend will be on the up as people begin to accept that the rainy cloud of the financial crisis that loomed for so long is gone.

Interest rates are low, consumer spend on and offline is on the up and the businesses world is back on at a breakneck pace.

This change in the economy and mindset of the masses means for companies such as Studio Culture and others in the digital marketing and website development industries in Brisbane, we are going to see an even larger increase in client budgets and a much less hesitant attitude towards making the so called ‘leap online’ and a mindset more towards ‘making an investment’ in branding and marketing.

‘About time!’ you might be thinking, but as more business begin to harness the power of digital marketing and see the increases in their revenue dramatically and that the power of social media marketing is relevant to their business its only going to become more clear that online is the key to keeping our economy moving forward.