CMS, or Content Management Systems, are easy ways for businesses to run their own websites without the usual technological know-how required to build webpages from scratch. WordPress is the world’s #1 CMS website, and could be a huge benefit to your company.


WordPress allows you to easily customize themes and layouts, content, images, and everything in between. Perhaps the best features of all are the website’s SEO options.

Search engine optimisation, as the name suggests, affects how and where a website is viewed in search engines such as Google or Bing. Effective SEO will mean that your website will appear before the competition when consumers from your target market search for keywords they are interested in.

Permalinks, meta tags, sitemap generators, keywords, tags, titles, search options… Anything and everything search engine related, WordPress has you covered. There are several plugin options to assist you with WordPress SEO. Visit Joe Casabona’s Top 14 WordPress Plugins for SEO and Marketing for some of the best.

Keep in mind the WordPress forums as a useful resource if you plan to use it as a CMS. The website supplies walkthroughs for a range of issues from beginner lessons to more advanced SEO questions. Users can also review the best plugins and give each other assistance on what works best for each type of website.

Whether your company posts news updates, brand updates, feature articles, newsletters, or general images and text, WordPress is an effective tool to manage the posts themselves as well as the behind-the-scenes marketing details.

For some notable examples of WordPress sites, visit blog.ebay.com, katyperry.com, izod.com, mashable.com, and of course Studio Culture.

Almost 55% of the world’s top 1 million viewed CMS websites are from WordPress, and the site itself hosts over 60 million pages. With statistics like that, it’s easy to see how WordPress can be beneficial to your business. For any social media or website help, contact Studio Culture today.