There is no doubt that Google AdWords rules the pay-per-click domain, but Bing Ads is looking to solidify its niche in the market through LinkedIn ad support.

Elsewhere in digital, Instagram is allowing users to re-share stories after a personal mention and Facebook is looking to the future by getting rid of the underused ‘Trending’ section.



Bing Ads Roll out Support for LinkedIn Ad Targeting

Bing Ads is growing in popularity as a viable alternative to Google AdWords, with the company trying hard to establish attractive points of difference. They have announced a significant coup, stating that users will be able to target audiences through LinkedIn by the end of the year.

As LinkedIn is Microsoft-owned, it is likely that Google is not permitted to support this functionality. The move has been described as a win for smaller B2B businesses, who will be able to effectively chase valuable audiences without a huge ad spend.

It is worth mentioning that Bing Ads has already utilised LinkedIn data as part of one of its advertising products. The Microsoft Audience Network was released earlier this year, which allowed users to serve relevant ads based on LinkedIn profile information and other demographic data and activities.

It remains to be seen whether Bing Ads will be able to leverage any sort of competitive advantage over AdWords, but this news shows that they’re up for the fight.

Instagram to Allow Users to Re-Share Stories If They Have Been Mentioned

Last week we told you about re-sharing content from other accounts as a Stories post, and now there are more Instagram sharing updates that have landed. Users are now able to re-share Stories posts when they have received an @mention from others.

Prior to this, you could only share the Stories of others through a direct message. Now, you will receive a direct message notification if someone mentions you in a photo or video, and you’ll get the option to share the content as your own Stories post. You can personalise the post by adding texts, sticker or images, and the person who mentioned you will also be credited in the Story.

As with last week’s Instagram update, this will only work for public accounts. Do all of these upgrades mean a native re-posting feature is on the way? Users have been asking for the support for some time, and it’s still unclear if we’ll ever get it.

Rumours are abound that video content of up to an hour long will soon be allowed by Instagram, which may tide users over in the meantime.

Facebook Does Away with Outdated ‘Trending’ Section

The numbers are in, and Facebook’s ‘Trending’ section is anything but popular, forcing the social giant to remove the feature altogether.

It’s been around since 2014, but Facebook say the section has become less useful over time and they will replace it with a more relevant method of news delivery. Despite the enormous reach of Facebook, less than 1.5 per cent of average clicks to news websites came from the Facebook ‘Trending’ section.

Facebook are currently running a number of tests for a replacement service. Among the new ideas being trialled are a ‘Breaking News’ indicator on news stories in personal feeds, a section that connects users with trustworthy local publishers and a dedicated news feed in Facebook Watch.

Every decision that Facebook makes at present is crucial given recent difficulties, so you can be certain that user satisfaction is high on their list of priorities for a replacement.

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