Boost Sales With E-commerce Affiliate Marketing

Modern-day marketing can be an overwhelming world to decipher. With tantalising promises of more, and never-ending updates of new strategies, it is hard to pinpoint what works and what doesn’t.

However, when executed properly, one strategy has proven itself a reliable method to boost sales significantly — affiliate marketing. 

Affiliate marketing uses one of the oldest, most compelling forms of marketing. What is it? Word of Mouth. Businesses that operate as an online platform are starting to realise the benefits of incorporating eCommerce affiliate marketing into their marketing strategies. 

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Ecommerce affiliate marketing starts with an influencer, blogger, email list or someone with an audience to reach. These affiliates are chosen by a company or business to promote products, gadgets, even digital information.

Usually, an affiliate will be chosen for their audience bases and similarities to the company’s products, niche and ideals (a list of affiliate programs and networks to boost your business can be found here)

The affiliate will choose a product or be given a selection of items from the company to discuss with their audience. They will have an affiliate link that their followers can use or a code used at the end of a checkout that will, if done correctly, do two things; win the company a sale and earn the affiliate a commission.

The process of eCommerce affiliate marketing:

1. Affiliate receives a tracking URL or checkout code:

This URL is what the audience base follows and how the business tracks the sales.

2. Affiliate markets companies product or business:

Marketing is most commonly done through vlogging or blogging platforms. There are other methods as well, however, vloggers have a personal advantage with their user base because it is highly visual and interactive.

3. Customer leads are achieved:

Customers follow the original link or code. Customers must follow the exact link; otherwise, tracking and commissions will be skewed from a statistical standpoint.

4. Affiliate receives commission

You make a sale, and the affiliate receives a commission. Win-win! 

Broaden Your Audience

Affiliate programs generate 15% to 30% of all sales for advertisers. One of the contributing factors is how e-commerce affiliate marketing or influencers grow your audience with genuine opinions and demonstrations to followers who already trust them.

The difference with affiliates is when you depend on them to aid in your advertising, you get a glimpse at the size of their user base and how active they are. Using these analytics to inform your decision making helps to make sure your money is being well spent.

Increase Your Traffic Faster

As mentioned above, affiliate user bases can harbour sizable amounts of followers. These can range from thousands to millions. But a common theme, no matter the amount, is trust. Affiliates only market to their user base, meaning their audience is already invested either emotionally or financially in the affiliate’s content. In the long run, this particular trait of e-commerce affiliate marketing makes it more effective as an outreach marketing tactic.

Develop An Impressive Backlink Network

Along with both these efforts, affiliate marketing can give you some of the most credible sources in the world of advertising. This is achieved through backlinks. Backlinks provided by popular and credible affiliates already have a reputation associated with them and improve SEO by telling Google that a trusted source has told their entire user base about you. Think of it as a powerful and modern “shout out”.

This shout out is what puts you first. The more you get, the more trusted you are, the higher your results are ranked in Google search and the higher your chances of converting.

Get Started With An Affiliate Program

Feeling like an affiliate program is the right strategy for you? Studio Culture has a proven record of growing businesses with a range of marketing tools, including eCommerce Affiliate Marketing. Check out our eCommerce Website Development Page to see how we implement cutting edge design and tactics, all with trackable analytics. 

If you see e-commerce affiliate marketing as the next logical step for you and your business, Studio Culture can help. Get in touch today and boost your sales!