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Instagram Is Now Hiding Total Post Likes

From today, Australian Instagram users can no longer see the number of total ‘likes’ an Instagram post has received. Although you will still be able to see the number of likes your own posts get, this information won’t be available to others. You can see the way posts will appear in the image below: A […]

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The Most Important Instagram Update in Years Is Rolling Out!


  Image credit: Instagram What’s the Update! Instagram is currently rolling out an in-app checkout feature that allows users to make a purchase without leaving the app. Currently, this feature is only available for 23 major brands, including Adidas, Burberry, Dior and MAC Cosmetics. This feature – which costs brands an undisclosed fee – will […]

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The Latest in Digital: Instagram’s Own Shopping App, Updated Facebook Ad Metrics & Google Ad Strength Indicator

There have been some recent changes within the business side of Instagram, Facebook and Google. Instagram will be introducing its own shopping app (a new platform to run your e-commerce business), Facebook Ads has changed its metrics and Google is implementing a new function that will allow you to see the strength of your ads. […]

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