Did someone say “meme”?

Our #dominatedigital series is back for another week and on today’s episode, Joe is walking businesses through three tips to help create dynamic content. Have a look to find out the absolute best way to approach your online strategy.

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Video transcript [edited]:

“Hello and happy Friday. Joe Fox from Studio Culture. Today I’m going to be talking about three tips that can make your content more dynamic in 2017, so that you can dominate digital. Okay, first thing that we’re going to speaking about is video content. 2017 is definitely going to be the year of video content. We know that every single year video is becoming more and more relevant in digital marketing, so no matter what size business you are, big or small, focus on utilising more video content and more storytelling content. Focus on using Instagram stories. Focus on utilising Snapchat. Focus on utilising Facebook videos, because they are guaranteed to get more engagement than photos, quotes, and other types of content.

Another great piece of content to focus on, secondly, is to focus on creating relative memes. Everyone tags their friend on memes. For example, we’ve been focused on utilising digital memes and memes that are relevant to our industry because we use our social profiles as a way of attracting talent and as a HR profile, so we utilise memes that are relevant to our industry, social media memes, SEO memes, all of those sorts of things. Focus on good humorous content. People share it, it goes viral. I’m not saying to make it completely irrelevant to your industry and just share whatever’s funny. Try and make it relevant to your industry. Go that extra mile, and your content will go further and get seen by more people, and therefore have more engagement.

Third content piece that you should be focusing on is creating content that offers value. Offer your audience something that they’re not getting from your competitors. If you can do that, I guarantee you’ll get more engagement with your content. Thank you. I’m Joe Fox from Studio Culture, and the whole point of these videos is to add value to you, so if you want to learn more from us and ask us specific questions, please follow the links below and get in touch. Thank you and happy Friday.”

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