Here at Studio Culture, we’ve recently had the pleasure of working with a few different clients in real estate. Through that, we’ve managed to nail down a few great hacks to¬†streamline their online presence.

In this week’s episode of #dominatedigital TV, our Business & Development Director Joe Fox offers a few invaluable tips aimed at helping real estate agents’ digital marketing endeavours.

Watch it here:

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Video transcript [edited]

“All right. Hello, everyone. Joe Fox from Studio Culture. We’re a full-service creative and strategic digital marketing agency. The whole point of us doing these videos is to give people value.

Now today I’m going to talk very specifically to real estate agents. I’m going to give you guys some tips from a digital front on how you can increase your presence, increase your leads, and therefore increase your sales.

Now first things first, if you’re going to be posting on social media about properties and specific properties, please, we see this mistake all the time, use the professional photographs that have been taken as part of the marketing package that you’re using for this property. Too many times, we see agents using iPhone shots. Face it, you guys are not photographers. Use the good material and content that you have provided to you to ensure that people are seeing the best quality product. That’s relevant to all industries.

Now the other thing that I’m going to suggest is, a lot of you have big personas in the real estate agency; that’s fine, utilise that. People want to use a successful agent. Show that you’re successful. Show that you’re living a good life. Because people are going to want to invest their marketing dollars to sell their prized possession with you. A good example of this is my buddy, Drew Davey. Shoutout, Drew. Check out his Instagram. He’s killing it on there.

I guess another area that we’re seeing come through in the real estate game is good quality drone footage. There’s not a lot of people in Brisbane utilising drone footage effectively, utilising it properly. Drone footage in big properties and good properties looks amazing. Everyone wants to be visually blown away by a property that they’re potentially purchasing, so give them those good visuals. Find someone that is using drones to be able to deliver this good property imagery. Get them onboard. I promise you it will be worth the investment.

Third thing that I definitely suggest is utilising free profiles and free social media profiles to be able to get yourself a good rating. Now people are going to google your name if they’re going to be using you or considering using you. Now nine times out of 10, before whatever agency that you’re working for shows up on a Google ranking, your LinkedIn profile is going to come up.

Now I’m going to remind everyone here that LinkedIn isn’t just your CV. It’s not just an amazing business development tool. It’s the place that people are going to go to see what you’re like. It’s going to rank well on Google, so improve it. Spend your time investing good quality content on there. Be publishing articles. Be in the know. Be seen. Get recommendations from people that you’ve sold properties for, as well as the other agents that you work for, and as well as your principal agent.

Now the last piece of advice that I’m going to give that ties into the LinkedIn thing is RateMyAgent. RateMyAgent is an online profile that’s created. It’s free to create. You want to be getting good ratings on there from every satisfied customer that you have, and once again, from your principals and fellow agents. Get your profiles good on those two and I guarantee you you will see the results. Thanks, guys. Stay tuned. I’ll talk to you soon.”

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