Last week we looked at some of the digital marketing news that may have passed you by over the holidays. For those still getting back up to speed after the break, here are a few more digital and social updates that will shape the early part of 2018.  


Facebook Feeds Will Prioritise ‘Meaningful Interactions’

In digital marketing news from last week, Facebook has announced major changes to their algorithm that intend to improve the quality of public content. The social media giant is looking to reduce the volume of posts from businesses that are searching for likes and shares, and instead promote personal content that increases interaction.

Mark Zuckerberg states that businesses looking to increase their reach are ‘crowding out the personal moments that lead us to connect more with each other.’  

Zuckerberg made a similar pledge in 2016 to bring family and friends together by promoting content that ‘informs and entertains’, which resulted in content being shared passively. Facebook appears intent on increasing genuine discussion and comments on societal issues with the 2018 changes.

This digital marketing news means that businesses will need to be more focussed on their Facebook approach. Businesses will have to look to elicit discussion on matters related to their enterprise, rather than just pushing content that generates likes and shares.

You Can Use Instagram Direct to Send Live Videos

Instagram announced last month that live videos can now be sent to enhance the Instagram Direct experience. This digital marketing news means that you only need to tap the Direct button once to send a live video – or a video you are currently watching – to a group of contacts.

All recipients will see your live video in their Direct inbox – recipients will only be able to watch your live video while your remain live – as soon as you log off, viewers will receive a message saying the video has ended.

For those unsure about the changes, you can choose to disable transmission of live videos in your story settings – for Instagram users with a private account, live videos can only be viewed by your followers. Instagram said that the changes will help users to connect by improving the options for real-time interactions.

Google My Business Owners Can Upload Their Own Videos

Google My Business has introduced video content to the photo dashboard for business listings, allowing owners to upload 30 second videos to their overview tab.

Beginning last year customers were allowed to upload videos to a business page, which appeared in the ‘customer’ tab. This allowed prospective customers to get a feel for a business without visiting.

This digital marketing news is a major boost for savvy business owners, as they can promote their business in whatever manner they see fit. Business owners should note that uploaded videos are vetted for inappropriate content, meaning that videos may take up to 24 hours to appear online.

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