There’s no point in having a good looking eCommerce website if no one is online to see it. In such a competitive market, online stores need to have a smart marketing strategy if they want to succeed. eCommerce marketing services from Studio Culture help your business to experience more people visiting your store, more online orders and return customers generating revenue to power your growth. And. our client-first approach means that your business will get a strategy customized to your specific goals and you’ll always be updated with regular reporting.

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The primary goal of all of our eCommerce marketing initiatives is to generate more revenue which will help you achieve your sales goals. We use a variety of tactics including social media, digital content creation, search engine optimization, retargeting and email campaigns to attract new visitors to your website and facilitate online purchases. With eCommerce marketing being heavily product-focused, the campaigns we run look a little bit different than traditional marketing campaigns. These are the eCommerce marketing services we offer at Studio Culture

eCommerce Website Design and Development

Every online retailer needs an eCommerce website. Our team of web designers and developers know exactly what it takes to deliver an online shop that generates business while also boosting your brand. All of the websites we create are attractive, user-friendly and functional. To see these elements in effect, view our blog, Our eCommerce Website Designers Latest Projects.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a fantastic way to promote your business to new and existing customers. With strategic campaigns, you’re able to push specific products, boost sales and dramatically increase your return on investment. The best thing about eCommerce email marketing is that it can be automated. Setting up a successful drip campaign allows you to sit back and let your emails work for you. There are two great tactics we always recommend to our clients, and that’s the post-purchase follow up email, and of course the abandoned cart email.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay-per-click advertising or Google Ads provide fast results, detailed targeting capabilities and in-depth tracking, all on a flexible platform. This eCommerce marketing strategy allows you to pay for spots on search engine results pages. Whether it’s product-specific ads such as Google Shopping or display campaigns, because people are searching for a product you offer, the return on investment is extremely high.

Search Engine Optimisation

Optimising your website pages to show up on Google is a greatly beneficial way to increase your sales. With eCommerce, you have the unique opportunity to optimise each individual product page, so with a little Search Engine Optimisation assistance, you can make great use of content marketing to improve your website’s visibility. Detailed descriptions and clear product images are just the starting point of becoming a Google favourite, retail powerhouse.

Social Media Marketing

Using social media marketing you can interact with your target market, improve brand presence, build customer loyalty, generate hype and increase your sales. One great benefit of running an eCommerce social media marketing campaign is the ability to show off your products and link them directly to the product page on your site. Instagram and Facebook are some of our favourite platforms to use due to the integration of shoppable content such as Instagram shops and Facebook shops, which allow users to buy your product without leaving the app.


Perhaps one of the most effective ways to convert a customer who has already seen your brand or visited your website is remarketing. A remarketing ad campaign reminds potential customers about your business and helps to improve conversion rates with highly relevant ads to a hyper-targeted audience. This eCommerce marketing service typically sees high click-through rates and a large number of online sales.

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