Emoji marketing is a simple way to craft a memorable message. They help to create a friendly and personable brand identity and position your audience to see you as, well, human. 

People process visual images 60,000 times faster than plain text, so emojis can help you get your messages across quickly (without overwhelming your audience with words). 

According to Hubspot, specific emojis have even been proven to increase engagement and click-through rate. Simply by adding emojis to a Facebook post, the number of likes can increase by 57%. With such great results, it can be tempting to jump straight into using emojis in your content. But before you do, here’s a couple of tips to avoid looking out of touch!

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Emojis are a way to add feeling to a message, they’re not a replacement for the message itself. Instead of replacing entire words with emojis (this will leave your audience guessing!), try picking one to five emojis that relate your brand, and start using them consistently in your posts. 

emoji marketing

There are over 2,500 emojis to choose from! Some of these may be associated with meanings you aren’t aware of, so before you add a peach emoji or an eggplant emoji to your post, it might be worth getting a second opinion. We like to use 📙 Emojipedia — 😃 Home of Emoji Meanings 💁👌🎍😍 to double-check any hidden meanings and avoid unwanted interpretations of our emoji choice.

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Emojis aren’t for everyone. It’s important to consider your brand and audience before jumping in. If your business works in a fun, engaging space – go for it! But if you’re offering serious services, a poorly used emoji could miss the mark. 

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From a marketing standpoint, emojis are undeniably useful (and fun!). And with evidence that they can increase the likelihood of engagement, it’s definitely worth trying them out! 

For advice on your next emoji marketing campaign, don’t hesitate to get in touch!