Copyright complaints have taken their toll on the trusty Google image search, with the search giant removing features in an effort to placate web publishers.

Elsewhere Snapchat and Instagram have tweaked their offerings to regain lost users, while AMP integration stats show that users are demanding faster mobile pages.



Google Image Search Altered to Protect Copyrighted Images

Google have implemented a couple of major changes to Image Search functions, choosing to remove both ‘view image’ and ‘search by image’ options for all users. Web publishers have applauded the changes, in light of ongoing concerns about image piracy and copyright infringements.

The move comes hot on the heels of Google increasing the prominence of copyright disclaimers in Google image search, as well as getting rid of direct links to websites that host copyrighted imagery.

Some have speculated that the changes have been made due to Google’s legal wrangle with stock photography company Getty Images. The company has taken issue with Google in the past over copyright infringements related to Image Search, and it appears they have finally succeeded in forcing Google’s hand.

Google chose to make the announcement through Twitter, stating that the changes intended to ‘strike a balance between serving user needs and publisher concerns, both stakeholders we value.’ Users reacted with a fair bit of discontent, so it remains to be seen how the search giant will keep both parties happy going forward.

Instagram Testing Disclosure of Screenshots in Stories

One of the major points of difference between Snapchat and Instagram Stories looks set to disappear. Instagram have announced a limited test for users of Stories that will inform them when someone takes a screenshot of their content.

As part of the new changes, Instagram Stories users will be able to check the ‘seen by’ section, where a circle icon will appear next to users who have saved a Story.

These changes only affect Stories, not regular Instagram posts. User response is likely to determine whether the changes are widely introduced – for some users, the ability to screenshot anonymously is the reason they jumped ship from Snapchat to Instagram Stories in the first place.

Snapchat Join the Party with Demographic Analytics

Snapchat is late to the analytics game, but the platform has finally introduced demographic metrics in an effort to arrest waning popularity. Influencers with a large Snapchat following can now see detailed user breakdowns, including audience trends and viewing numbers arranged in weekly, monthly and yearly increments.

Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel has acknowledged that the creator community has been neglected by the platform, and stated that greater monetisation opportunities will be created in 2018.

These detailed user insights can be utilised by creators to leverage sponsorship opportunities. If the changes are positively received by influencers, we could well see a Snapchat resurgence.

AMP Tech Now Present on 31 Million Domains

For those still in the dark, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is an open source initiative launched by Google and Twitter that intends to make mobile pages as fast as possible. The project launched in October 2015 in an attempt to boost the potential of online advertising, and recent figures suggest the initiative is an ongoing success.

Publishers utilising AMP tech have seen their daily ad revenue increase threefold in the last year, with more than 31 millions domains embracing AMP in some form. More than 100 advertising tech platforms and counting have taken advantage of Accelerated Mobile Pages.

The successful integration of ads on AMP pages has been attributed to Fast Fetch, a technology released by Google to make mobile pages load 2.7 seconds faster. Time is money in the advertising world, and loading speed will continue to be a defining factor for future mobile technologies.

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