Algorithm changes are part and parcel of the digital landscape, but few have been met with as much negative feedback as Instagram’s move away from chronological order in News Feeds. This week, we take a look at the tweak to Instagram feed order that the platform is pinning its hopes on.

Elsewhere in digital, Google AdWords are looking to speed up their service by getting rid of dormant accounts, and Pinterest are opening their service up for shopping ads.




Instagram Feed Order Tweaked To Show Recent Posts

Instagram have taken steps to appease the users frustrated by recent algorithm changes. While we won’t be seeing a complete reversion to chronological order, the platform announced on Thursday that recent posts will be given greater precedence in the Instagram feed order.

The move is an acknowledgement that time is an important currency for Instagram users. Critics stated that the changed Instagram feed order made content feel less fresh and less relevant.

Instagram have also moved to rectify another feed annoyance, by testing a ‘New Posts’ button that allows users to choose if they want to refresh their feed. Feeds refresh automatically at present, sending users back to the top of the page whether they like it or not – this means users sometimes have to scroll for a long time to return to their previous point in the feed.

With 800 million users worldwide, Instagram is surely hoping that these moves appease the discontented users of their platform. Having witnessed Snapchat’s catastrophic loss of value following criticism from Kylie Jenner, Instagram are surely cautious about the gravity of their actions.

Dormant Google AdWords Accounts to Be Deactivated

As of this week, Google AdWords accounts that have not seen money spent on them in 15 months will be deactivated. Users will receive an email to confirm the deactivation has taken place.  

Google AdWords made the announcement via their official Twitter feed.

As stated, the move is an attempt by Google to make AdWords load faster for paying customers. Those who still wish to use their account in the future can reactivate their account without fuss – simply log in to AdWords, use the Preferences tab in the Settings menu and select ‘Reactivate this account.’ In some instances, the platform will ask you to update the payment information you have previously provided.

Pinterest Shopping Ads to Target a Much Wider Range of Businesses

Social network Pinterest will be greatly expanding their use of shopping advertisements in the near future. The platform only allows a small number of retailers to advertise at the moment, but they are looking to open the marketplace up to hundreds more advertisers.

The plans comes on the back of research finding that 90 per cent of Pinterest users make purchases using the platform and 70 per cent use the platform for discovering new products. From this, Pinterest see that they have a built-in potential audience to market to.

The platform is currently working on seamless and effective ad designs. Marketers looking to take advantage of the changes and release shopping ads can contact Pinterest directly for more information.

Instagram to Support Nametag Scanning and Allow Hashtag Links

Savvy Instagram users have speculated that nametag scanning support may be on the way, due to files hidden within the Android app.  For those who don’t know, nametag scanning is a feature currently seen in Snapchat’s QR Snapcode, where users can point their phone’s camera at a visual code to easily access someone’s profile.

If integrated, nametag scanning could help businesses with their digital media strategy by allowing visual promotion of their services and an easy pathway to a company Instagram profile.

In other Instagram news, the platform last week integrated the ability for users to link to hashtags from their personal profile. The change will allow users to express their personality and interests better within their bio.

This image showcases how the linking works. Users simply have to edit their bio within their profile – after entering an @ or a #, users will see a selection of relevant hashtags and links based on their interests, and they can choose the ones they would like to link to. Once the information is selected and saved, the links will automatically appear in their biography.

Instagram users who operate separate profiles for their hobby or business can now seamlessly link to the page in question thanks to the new changes.

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