Have you recently wondered why your business posts on Facebook are not getting the response they used to? There’s a pretty simple answer.

Facebook is a business, and a hugely successful one at that. In recent years the social media powerhouse has tweaked its algorithms to reduce the influence of organic reach. In doing so, the platform has attempted to push businesses into paying for advertising space.

How Much Is Organic Reach Decreasing Across Facebook?

Organic reach figures have been steadily waning for several years, but there is evidence of a significant downturn in light of recent Facebook changes.

In a recent blog post about Facebook algorithm changes, Neil Patel used the following graph to explain the declining Facebook reach at the Chicago Tribune.

The Tribune Facebook page has over 500,000 followers and page likes, and yet there was a precipitous decrease in their organic reach from the start of January onwards. Last month’s algorithm change sought to further reduce this influence and encourage businesses to pay for reach.

Paid Facebook ads can very successfully hone in on your target demographic, but not every business is in a position to make the leap. Fortunately, you can still find some success with organic content. These simple strategies can help you to maintain your organic reach in light of Facebook’s recent changes.

Produce Quality Video Content

One organic reach strategy that was not penalised in the January 11 updates is video content. Video still receives preference under the current Facebook algorithm, and businesses should take advantage by producing videos that expand upon products and services offered.

The algorithm changes were introduced to reduce the influence of ‘engagement-bait’ posting, where users ask for a like or a comment on barely relevant topics. Quality video content can drive positive engagement, which Facebook is looking to promote.

Facebook has averaged in excess of 8 billion video views every day since 2015, with native videos shown to be consistently strong performers in the average News Feed.

Businesses can showcase their culture and service standard through live videos, which commonly elicit discussion and questions directed at the business in the comments. In fact, live videos receive on average six times more interaction than regular videos.

If you can think of a creative and positive way to promote your business through live videos, make it happen.

Ask Your Users to See Your Content First

Give yourself the best chance to cut through the noise by asking users to click ‘See First’ after they follow your page. This can be easily achieved using the ‘Following’ tab.

Users can select up to 30 people or pages to see at the top of their News Feed. Don’t be afraid to ask your followers to choose your business as part of your content. If you’ve truly made a connection with your client base, they’ll be happy to help you.

Prioritise Content that Brings People Together

With ‘meaningful interactions’ now the aim of the game for content marketers, focus should be on creating content for the people rather than for your brand. While this may not sound dissimilar from your current strategy, you need to demonstrate that you understand your audience at a deep level to gain a reaction.

Deliver content that pertains to your business, but focus upon the challenges, motivations and interests of your target audience to achieve positive organic reach.

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