The team at Studio Culture would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy 2016. We had an amazing year this year and look forward to an even more exciting year ahead.

This year represented a significant growth stage in our company: we moved to a bigger office, our directors were nominated for the Young Entrepreneur’s Award, our team has continued to grow in size and talent, we’ve continued to help our clients grow their businesses online and most importantly, we’ve had an almost unlimited supply of candy in our offices (mostly thanks to our juniors (we won’t mention any names Louis, Ben, Rachael, Katie) who seem to want our teeth to fall off).

digital marketing candy YUM
Sugar never runs out here. Especially on Christmas.

A high level of service has always been important to us, and will be even a stronger priority for us next year. We personally enjoyed working closely with our clients and had a lot of fun getting to know their businesses inside and out. There has not been one client we have worked with who did not have an interesting story to tell or have outstanding products and services to offer. To our clients: we have learnt a lot from you and are extremely proud to be helping you make an even stronger impact online.

Digital marketing video shoot
Katie and Abby shooting a social media video

As company Directors, we’d also like to thank our team. If we’re not talking about marketing, we’re probably talking about you guys (in a good way… most of the time… as long as the candy keeps coming). We’re amazed at how much you’ve grown and continue to be impressed by your creativity and the amount of value you are able to deliver to our agency, as well as our clients. Keep up the great work.

digital marketing photo shoot
“Just another day at the office” – during a Google photo shoot
Digital Marketing Hooligans
Taking some time out at La Boite Theatre
digital marketing hooligan
Louis working so, so hard.

Outside of normal office hours, we continue to work hard to test, tinker, argue and brainstorm even better ways to deliver value to our clients, as well as our employees. If you thought this year was great, wait until you see next year.

Here’s to a great holidays, everybody.

  • Fil, Joe and David